Business Plan Essay Example for Free Download

Published: 2019-05-15
Business Plan Essay Example for Free Download
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Companies, address and phone number

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The companies name will be Tricks limited and will be located in United Kingdom. The phone number for the company will be 07463379239.

The name address and phone number of the key people

Ozerov Stanislav, United Kingdom, London, 9 Macclesfield Road, EC1V 8AW

Brief description of the business its products and services and the customer problem they solve

Trick is the company, which makes chewing gum with very different tastes according to wishes of the customers. To define desires of buyers our company will create the website with online survey there, we will receive orders for sending. The main idea consists in an economy of scale. More orders came to the same taste, means its final cost will be cheaper to the most desirable tastes. However, for initial sales we will also start tastes, which already familiar for buyers as they already successful placed by our competitors in UK market.

Main flavors: Trick Spearmint, Trick Peppermint, Trick Icy Cherry, Trick Cool Strawberry Trick Blackcurrant Mint

Market for the product

The market for the product will be in united kingdom where currently there are few company making chewing gum and the results study have shown that apart from the companies making supernormal profits there is difficulty being experienced in the satisfaction of the current demand. The demand is due to the very many people who are now into the habit of chewing.

Companies Competitive Advantage

The current companies that are in chewing gum production are very rigid. They have been there for long and have not improved their products to fit what the modern customer want. The modern customer needs and increased flavors. They want few chemicals and very little sugar to be used in the production of the gum. Some sections of the customers have even asked the fortification of the chewing gums so they may have important nutrients such as the amino acids. That is the competitive advantage that tricks is coming up with apart from the much-reduced prices due the use of local raw Materials for the production.

Managerial and technical experience

Ozerov Stanislav being a graduate of food science will have to provide the skill the company with the knowledge how the recent gums will be produced so that they may have nutritional content that the customer is going to provide.

Financial request and expenditure

The financial request will be done in the Barclays bank in the United Kingdom a sum of half a million dollars and Ozero, and the rest will raise the rest of the cash. Ozero is planning to use some part of the inheritance for the start of the business.

Highlights of financial forecast

The total money needed to start the business is 1million dollars. The Barclays is going to loan them to the tune of half a million dollars. The rest will be raised by the owners of the business. The following the illustration how the money is going to be raised.

From the chart, you can easily deduce how cash is going to be raised the following table illustrates further the chart. The chart clearly shows that the bulk of the money will be a loan from the Barclays bank. Zero will contribute some of the money from his savings and inheritance, and some of the money will come from Ozeros friends who believe in him and want him to achieve his dream.

Parties contributing Cash contributed

Barclays Bank loan 0.5 million dollars

Zero contribution 0.2 million dollars

Friends contribution 0.2 million dollars

Ozero inheritance 0.1 million dollars

TOTALS 1 million dollars

Vision and mission statement

Entrepreneurs vision for the company

To the best company that produce gums that are safe, nutritious, and both environmental and economic friendly.

Type of business

The type of the business that we do involves the business of the product of chewing gums of producing chewing gums. It is a product business that will be from the industry and very hectic. There will be a market that will be necessary to make our product known and to allow us to compete fairly.

Values and principles of the business

The business value is the following the business would be built on trust, equality, truth and fairness. We would win the trust of our clients of always providing quality goods; we would treat all our employees equally and with respect. We would be truth and fair to other citizens and the government by paying our correct taxes.

The source of competitive advantage

The source of the competitive advantage is the fact the business will be using some of the procedure that has not been used in the production of the gums by any other companies in the world. The introduction vitamin and other nutrients in the production of the gums will be a major milestone. These gums are going to be very less in sugar meaning they would be used by other people who are diabetic.This is very advantageous because the founder has just discovered another part of the market which not adequately covered before. The mothers will not have to worry about the content of calories and sugar in sweets because they would now be nutritious

Business industry and profile

The sweets and chewing gum in industry is a very old industry. The industrial players have always remained with the traditional methods of production. These old methods of production have led people to lose interest in gum use that have led to many people to quit using gums.

Business strategy

The business has a strategy of owning about 45% of the total market after three years. Using the SWOT analysis carefully the business will achieve. The strength being the use of reduced sugar. The weakness being the new nature of business will take time to learn trust. The opportunity will be the new people who will start using the new product and threat is the intense competition. The business will have to develop a competitive strategy to allow it to survive.

Company products and services

The companys products will be sweets and gums ad customers will benefit due to low price and high nutrient value. The technology the company uses will be patented, and the company is planning to use the local distributors to distribute their goods.

Marketing strategy

The use of the electronic media will be utilized here fully. The company is going to use the forces of demand and supply to set up their prices. The target market for this chewing gum is going to be almost everybody in the society. The motivation to buy is going to be the beautifully designed wrappers of these gums.

Location and layout


The location of the company will be London. The demography of the town has to be carefully studied currently there are many old people in London than young groups the young groups concentration would lead to increase sells. The premises building will be of affordable rent, and there is more than enough human resource to provide for labor needs. The wages and rates will be paid as stipulated to the labor laws.


The factory will require very small space and floor plan will be very simple and clear

Competitors analysis

Existing competitors

They include the London sweet company limited and the wall street candies who are both strong competitors due to the fact that they have been in the industry for long their main weakness is the fact that they have not produced sugar free gums that are considered to be healthy by the larger market proportion.

New competitor

New competitors include other companies who may enter the industry and may have a desire to bring very strong competition. The impact they have may be reducing the super normal profits. Especially it has a great impact on Tricks if it is using same technology as Tricks

Description of management teams

The following would be the management team for the Trick company limited leaders. The general manager would lead the company he will be like the CEO of the trick company limited. The background of the manager is that he misses a food scientist who is qualified to deal with the matters of food. The background of the manager would make the manager very familiar with the matters of food.

The experience would be provided since the founders of the company have vast management experience in the other companies that he managed that were very successful. Reimbursement of the managers and the key employees would be done according to the job description of each employee. The manager, being the institutional l head would not. The low-level employees will be paid according to the work they do. The employees pay will have to be above the minimum wage higher than the minimum wage. The wage of the employees after the agreed period according to the stipulated terms.

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