What Are Today's Biggest Environmental Challenges to the World? Essay Example

Published: 2023-08-09
What Are Today's Biggest Environmental Challenges to the World? Essay Example
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What are your first thoughts and reactions to the question above?

My first thought about the question above is the ever-increasing challenges that have faced the world as a result of the destruction of the environment either directly or indirectly by human activities. It is true the human actions that the environment is destroyed hence putting the lives of the future generations in danger. Most people might have no awareness of certain issues that have led to challenges. For instance, for terms like genetic modification as well as climate change are commonplace, but it is hard to see why they matter. Some of the biggest environmental problems that come into my mind include; the use of the crops’ genetic modification, waste products into the environment, the growth of the human population, deforestation, and water pollution. There are also other main challenges; for instance, the issue of the depletion of the ozone layer, air pollution as well as oceanic acidification.

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Why have you reacted in this way?

I have reacted this way because of the act that the environmental issues which arise due to the manmade chemicals are becoming more apparent. There have been some of speculations that the plants which are genetically modified may leak some of the chemicals compounds through the roots into the soil hence affecting the microorganisms’ communities. Besides, there is a lot of waste products as a result of human activities such as industrialization and also due to the poor disposal of sewerage. Much of such wastes may end up in landfills hence generating a lot of methane. This creates not only explosion risks but also methane can be one of the greenhouse gases due to its high potential for global warming. With the growth in the human population, many of the environmental problems, including air pollution as well as water pollution, may increases. Also, the freshwater is always essential to human life, yet most of their sources are being polluted annually through various human activities. The demands of the increased population have led to high levels of deforestation. This leads to the loss of habitat to many species hence subjecting many of them at risk resulting in a large scale extinction.

What more do you need to know before you can make up your mind about this question?

There are some of the essential issues that I would need to know before making my mind about the question above. First is that I will what to understands everything that makes up the environment and the possible effects of the human activities in it. It is also important to know the environmental issues, i.e., what they in particular are? In many cases, from the part of the political leaders to the activists in the grassroots, everybody has an idea about the environmental issues. An additional concern is the challenge of pollution as well as its influence on public health.

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