Free Essay Example: Ways of Stopping Social Media Bullying

Published: 2022-04-05
Free Essay Example: Ways of Stopping Social Media Bullying
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Social media bullying which is also commonly referred to as cyberbullying usually takes place over our digital devices like computers, laptops and cell phones. Moreover, it can also occur via short message services, different applications, online in social media and other common forums where people always view, participate and share their views on particular content. Social media bullying entails posting and sending harmful, unpleasant, harmful and false information against an individual. Also, it involves posting and sharing personal information about someone else with the intention of causing embarrassment and humiliation to the person (Humphreys, 2015). This act indeed can be eliminated and stopped from our society using various means so that it can be an issue that no longer poses a threat to the society.

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As the globe develops rapidly with much advancement regarding communication and technology, the future should look brighter than before. Sadly, like any other thing else, the technological capability of the internet comes with its consequences. In fact, it carries its abuse and one of the violations of the infamous harassment of the social media (Humphreys, 2015). Undeniably, the internet has become a platform of free expression which has made it the cesspool of ridicule and hatred among many people using the internet. Despite its numerous advantages, the dark end of the internet has proven to be pervasive since it describes the nature of the internet

The most areas in which social media bullying occurs frequently include social media platforms such as Instagram, facebook and twitter, emails and short message services. Notably, there exist serious concerns that exist as a result of the prevalence of digital forums and social media, photos, comments and the post shared by different people since they can be viewed strangers who have malicious intentions to destroy someone's reputation (Wankel, Marovich & Stanaityte, 2010). The information that an individual share over different online platforms which includes both personal information as well as any other adverse or hurtful information is of no doubt creating a permanent public image and record of their views and behaviors

Additionally, this general information can be viewed as an online reputation of an individual which can be accessed by schools, different employers, Colleges and other people who may be researching on individual information now or maybe in the future (Wankel, Marovich & Stanaityte, 2010). Social media bullying can cause harm to an individual online reputation and has unique concerns about being persistent, hard to notice besides lasting for long. When one is undergoing social media bullying or harassment, dealing with this situation can be very challenging. Some individuals have even further indicated that victims of social media harassment should stop using the internet (Sahlin, 2015). However, in most instances, we find ourselves the slaves of our Smartphone's by browsing throughout different websites. This approach indeed creates more harm than good since many individuals find themselves subjected to unfair isolation. Moreover, it is not logical as the root of social media bullying is best demonstrated as the act of harassment in a digital form (Sahlin, 2015). There exist reasonable ways of handling it while benefiting from technology. The following are the ways of dealing with social media harassment.

Individual response

To prevent away with harassment of cyberbullying, a personal response plays an integral part since it is viewed as the very first step of handling this abuse since it determines a lot on the approach someone gives to this act. For instance, it is advisable that an individual should never respond to what the malicious bully says over the internet (Goldblum, 2015). Besides, one should not even attempt to retaliate by doing the same to the bullies since it is not worth the problems and effort. Apart from this, retaliation will act as an indicator that you are not better than them. Furthermore, giving a response in such a manner worsens the situation by escalating it further. Most significantly, one must recall that the bullies are more interested in the response that you give to them directly. Hence one must not submit a response to the bullies by taking the bait.

Recording and reporting to a relevant authority

Secondly, recording and reporting is also an alternative to dealing with social media harassment. When it comes to this alternative, any details and information of social media harassment that entails an individual and his good name, one must be able to differentiate between being relentless and obsessed. The later will consume an individual's entire life as he or she will be driven to the unhealthy position of paranoia in cleaning the whole of the internet. It is advisable for people to adopt the former approach by making a report on every incident of social media harassment steadily; an individual that does not take too much of his own life (Craig, Pepler & Cummings, 2013). As you record and report this acts of cybercrime and attacks, an individual is implying that this actions are unethical and should not happen and this should be the clear information that people should be sent to the bullies.

Blocking the bullies

Another step that can be taken to avoid social media bullying is by preventing the nonsensical messages that are being sent by the malicious bullies so that you should not worry again about unwanted messages popping out of your way. To completely prevent communication from the cyber bullies, one needs to perform a simple task by just blocking their emails, addresses social media accounts and even their cell phone contacts. One an individual accomplish this task, he or she would now find relief as the bullies links will be severed. The bullies will no longer see you when you block them (Craig, Pepler & Cummings, 2013).

Moreover, an individual can also adjust his or her privacy settings since when this setting is set up correctly, it will limit how much information a social media account will reveal about you. Social networks platforms like Twitter have tried to restrict privacy settings of their clients. It is advisable that if possible an individual should set his profile to be a personal issue so that others cannot see your content.

Express and Extinguish, Perspective

When one falls a victim of social harassment, it is advisable for one to talk to his close friend or close family member. It will make you express your feelings to them and also make them aware of what is taking place by showing your feelings to them. In addition to this, talking to other casualties of social media bullying about your attitude and your perception will also provide some support that you need. On the other hand, one's perspective also can be used to deal with social media harassment. It does not matter whether one is an adult or a child, nasty comments will for sure hurt in different ways beyond imagination.

However, you should not be worried about the acts of these malicious people. In most cases, the bullies are driven by their version of insecurities. They are channeling negative part by uploading this negativity on the internet. As if this is not enough, there are many existing issues that one can do just to show that the internet does not matter at all. As the globe is more significant than one can think one should enjoy life to the fullest and laughter will be for sure part and parcel of you making you forget the internet and its problems.

Taking to Children about Social Media Bullying

The young generation is also not left out when it comes to social media bullying hence it is the responsibility of the parent to talk to their children about this issue. One of the most effective social media bullying solutions is for the parents to talk to their children about this issue before it takes place. Parents should explain to their children how this harassment happens, why these bullies would want to bully them and also how to deal with the issue if in any case; it occurs (McQuade & Meyers, 2009). When awareness is created by parents to their children on how to go about this threat, will generate easiness among the children and reduce confusion.

The parent should give their children advice related to this issue such as the child should be open and talk to someone he trusts. Ideally, the trusted person should be the parent, but it could be a teacher, a counselor or a close friend. In addition to this, the parent should instruct the child to copy all evidence of harassment so that they can be able to take appropriate measures.

Log Out of Online Accounts

As a rule, it is always advisable for people to log out of social media accounts when they are not being used. With this rule, when the device gets stolen or hacked, they won't be in a position to access your account. This advice is also applicable even when using public resources like library computers. None should agree to take the risk of allowing someone to log into your account since he can read your messages and impersonate them.


The use of technology especially the internet has infiltrated and altered the society in many different ways, and it does not seem like ending soon. The fascinating issue about social media and its impact on people and society are the ways that they respond to the common facet human community. One of the major problems is the social media bullying which has now become part of human culture. These acts are unethical hence should be reduced and avoided through means like putting a secure password on one's account, reporting to the relevant authority among other solutions and for sure this issue will be an issue of the past.

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