Essay Sample: The Future of Nursing Informatics

Published: 2022-10-31
Essay Sample: The Future of Nursing Informatics
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Informatics is a specialized field in information system that involves active information processing, and the study of behavior and the structure of any system that produces, stores, process and finally presents information. It is literally the science of various information (Bickford, 2007). Therefore, nursing informatics is a specialized area that incorporates various concepts of nursing science to define, manage and communicate data and information in the nursing practice. Technology is moving first, and every area of healthcare has been on the forefront of integrating a more recent technology to assist in delivering more quality care services hence shaping the future for informatics (Bickford, 2007).

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For reasonable accountable patients care and other related services, healthcare recent trends are transforming nurses' responsibility and their career trajectories, and the key factor of this transformation has been as a result of nursing informatics (Cummins, 2014). The future of informatics has already taken its course, and the field is already flourishing. The American Nurses Association has incorporated the standards for nursing informatics, and every healthcare organization is trying to adopt these principles to improve clinical outcomes by leveraging informatics (Bickford, 2007).

Ideally, I predict that informatics in nursing will be fully incorporated in most healthcares as a result of various healthcare reforms and need for quality care. In 2014, 84% of healthcare organizations had IT professions to assist in the incorporation of health informatics, and this was a 5% increase of the previous year 2013. Moreover, between 2011 to 2013, health sector has reported an increased job growth of 22% particularly in IT department (Cummins, 2014). Hence I think in future about 98-99% will be embracing technology.

Moreover, the future of informatics has also been triggered by the Technology informatics Guiding Education Reforms (TIGER) Foundation that is regulating education reforms in the nursing sector. These programs have recommended the nursing departments to incorporate nursing competencies in all aspect of nursing education and practice (Greenwood, 2010).

In summary, the future of informatics in nursing is indeed flourishing as various technological integrations are on course. Moreover, many nursing organizations have achieved success in developing sound informatics due to the collaboration between the nursing management, the executive and various nursing schools. Informatics is essential since it fully supports the nursing process and aids in making sound clinical decisions.


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