Essay Sample on Adverse Relationship With the Bahamian Paradise

Published: 2023-02-13
Essay Sample on Adverse Relationship With the Bahamian Paradise
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Tourism describes the short-time movement of people to new places outside the places that they work. Tourism is said to be a major contributor to the Bahamian economy enabling the country to realize more than 50% of its gross income through tourist attraction sites. Tourism trade being the major contributor to the economy of Bahamian attracts a lot of attention from the government and as a result, the government spends approximately 10-15 million dollars per year. The advertisement, however, gives a depict of the colonial Bahamas, generalizing a notion of paradise that is not enjoyed by everyone other than the elite whites.

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Almost all the commercial advertisement sites portray the Bahamas as paradise which is correct but they tend to ignore the truth that there is discrimination in the so-called "paradise". It is only the elite whites that enjoy the paradise but the blacks are always seen as a servant (Strachan, 2019). In the case of proper advertisement then a clear description should be given to the global treatment offered to each person. This is because tourism is a global arena business classified under leisure and is not restricted in any way so long as the person can afford to pay the required amount (Strachan, 2019).

Authenticity has been discussed on several levels in the scientific field. This includes existentialistic philosophy and psychology and the idea is associated with an individual's ability to remain honest and true to their personality, character, and spirit that is questioned and impeded by the external factors and pressures (Strachan, 2019). The Bahamas government should try to be honest because the result of suffering experience to the black is not their mistake but poor advertisements that lands them on it.

Throughout the 19th century together with the early 20th century, the colony remained very poor and was highly neglected and this was a period of boom and short-lived industrial success to the Bahamas economy. It is stated that in the last one hundred years nothing has been so promising to the Bahamas economy as the arrival of tourist and the tourism industry (Strachan, 2019). Due to this fact most of the detailed advertisement and information that was enclosed in the colonial document, the period when the economy of Bahamas realized the importance of tourism is highly distorted in the current brochure. All the document were not found by the Bahamas government for advertising and selling the tourism industry and a result the government tries to fix some information that was not concurring with the paradise nature of the Bahamas tourist attraction.

Approaches to studying authenticity in tourism

This is an important topic of discussion in the tourism industry and one of the most controversial studies. The three major approaches in the study of authenticity and its effects about how people relate to tourist include:

  • Constructivism
  • Postmodernism
  • Objectivism

The objectivist theory states that authenticity is mind-independent and as a result authenticity is inherent to the object to be toured and is not generally linked to the perception of the tourist. Therefore, the tourist and the object are detached and authenticity stands out as an absolute objective quality. The main disadvantage with the objectivist approach or theory to authenticity is that the toured culture and sites are seen as static, which is not the case. This case can be identified in the Bahamas tourism industry in early 1984 when there was applause of tourist migration into the country thus boosting the economy of Bahamas according to the Bahamas ministry of finance. The result was a reduction in the output realized from the migration of tourist and this was centered in the authenticity and how they relate and talk about the tourist. There culture and some other external pressure that could have been controlled to enable the economy stand did not succeed because the community was strict to their beliefs and lifestyle that was not accommodative to the tourist.

The security nature of advertisement experienced in the modern brochure differs from the colonial style of advertisement and writing. During the early 19th century, the writers took a keen interest in portraying the natives as docile and as a result of this, it explains the kind of safety that tourist should expect and not generally misleading them. The cultural behavior of the black has been a topic of interest in most of the advertisement of the Bahamas tourist center. The extent at which the tourist sector nowadays borrows the culture of people is a point of interest in the Bahamas

Constructivism approach of authenticity gives a better option as compared to the objectivist theory. It is based on the fact that there is no absolute, similarity and objective truth, authenticity is thus socially constructed and not a permanent property of the toured object. This gives the toured object to having a distinguishing authenticity depending on an individual and its knowledge and belief over the object and scenario at hand. Constructivism thus introduces the use of emergent authenticity concerning tourism management and advertisement, explain the ways through which the cultural events change even the contriving event and basically, fakery is always accepted as authentic. Various research argues that authenticity is not the main drive to tourism.

Tourism, immigration, and authenticity

Immigration in several ways has supported the growth and at the same time the diversion of the various economy within the world. The immigrants just as any other persons are entrepreneurs; they are also job creators as well as consumer and therefore support the economy of a given country from almost all dynamics of development. The immigrant has generated millions of money to the general growth domestic product and at the same time the GPD of the country and in most near futures, their effects are seen to be very positive. The immigrants are prone to bring out new ideas and therefore assist in innovation which is very great for several industrial developments. and in consideration of all these we find out that the immigrant has a lot of positive things to add to the growth of the economy as much as they can seem to be burdened in terms of government spending on the but still the general outlook of immigrants and refugees should be viewed outside the box and people should really on the advantages.

But even though immigrants possess several positive attributes to the economic growth and friendly relation ties between the government and other countries, it also has several disadvantages. It has to lead to restrictions policies in the immigration department due to the increasing illegal immigrants into the countries and also the same applies to refugees and this is at a position to put a country in a very bad state due to the security matters. This is because illegal immigrants can use the opportunity to enter into a country and cause a very big threat and this has been experienced in the terrorist sector in which in most cases they are just always illegal migrants from other countries.

Women empowerment and social justice, authenticity and tourism

According to Lew (2011), social justice, on Christian social worker perspective, appears not to exist in a practical setting. The situation comes with a clear authenticity concerning the individuals beliefs and practices as observed in the Bahamas case study thus deterring women from accomplishing their duties. This is because trying to focus on meeting the demands of social, and one looses focus on the ethical and morals constraints which should guide one's activities. On this note, the concept of social justice is instead an abstract, which has never been practically applied adequately. Making this a practical concept requires that a clinical social worker understand and be willing to use the different perspectives of human rights and incorporate in aspects of social justice.

The future of social justice does not promise any aspect of success for clinical social workers. This is because, as much as human beings are entitled to their rights, ethical dilemmas tend to control the extent to which these rights are practiced. It, therefore, follows that the concept of social justice will possibly remain as a theoretical aspect of reasoning, and may be seen as a practical application in society.

Authenticity concerning tourism and Equal rights amendment in support of women's empowerment campaign

The equal right improvement and amendment state that all the required changes and the constitutional rules and regulation entails within any organization should be applied equally without gender consideration. The ratification of the equal rights amendment tries to achieve the equal rights of women as well as any other person within the society, and this is a situation that would have a significant impact on women within the community. Women are in line to gain several things about the application of the equal rights amendment, which will ensure that most of their rights are observed and put into action.

Brown (2013) argues that a self-recognized woman in the modern society is a threat to the stance of a man's ability and through this empowerment, the woman can no longer volunteer their body and time for traditional practices unless it is meaning to them. Concerning the authentic and beliefs of certain community this is a contradicting statement because they consider women to less human beings as compared to men within the society. Brown (2013) continues to argue that women should be far much obsessed with their feminist and therefore they should come to be very simple and natural and through this, they easily discover themselves as women and not necessarily as husband seekers a situation that would empower them.


Our life choices affect people around us. The way we view people and judge those around us tells more about ourselves. Using personal freedom, to critically analyze life situations and to obtain knowledge from different writings in one's way ensures that their joy and enthusiasms are discovered. This further, makes one have a wider point of view and how they see and figure out things around them. Thereby escaping the common cage of conformity most people are in. Additionally, having desirable personalities ensure that both parties understand, honor, forgive and each other and everyone is treated fairly in every society without discrimination. Consequently, this ensures growth and development not only to us but to all.

The most important dimension of authenticity generally focuses on the whole process of interaction that exists between the guest and the host and this less studied in authenticity approach. According to research done it is that basic part that will provide comprehensive understanding in regards to the various phenomenon globally as it entails all the stakeholders giving an account of the built relationship between them. However, a striking contradiction is realized between the practices and the theories applied concerning the nature of authenticity. A greater target analysis needs to meet the specific form of tourism and types of tourist and this will add to the given explanation observed in the Bahamas case study. It's thus evident that the effect of authenticity will not be of the same effect if referred to a heritage site or a theme park together with creative tourism and mass tourism.


Brown, L. (2013). Tourism: A catalyst for an existential authenticity. Annals Of Tourism Research, 40, 176-190. doi: 10.1016/j.annals.2012.08.004

Chang, A. (2016). Effects of mobile advertisement and advertisement involvement on purchase intention in the tourism industry. Filomat, 30(15), 4235-4242. doi: 10.229.

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