Essay Sample on E-Procurement, Project Overview

Published: 2019-10-15 02:22:48
Essay Sample on E-Procurement, Project Overview
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XYZ Limited is a manufacturing organization that has incurred losses in its operations each and every day as results of frauds in the procurement process. Lack of procurement ethics is the key point in this project. The main reason why this problem has been encountered in the organization is as a result of lack of website resign so as to facilitate E-Procurement. The current website design cannot help in this.

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This project is important because the organization will be able to carry out its operations at an increased speed. The cost of operations will also reduce significantly because everything will be carried online. The most important factor is that unethical behaviors in the procurement will be eliminated. This shows that the organization will thus be able to reap maximum profits.

Organizational background

XYZ limited is an organization that deals with manufacture of lead acid accumulators. These accumulators are sold to organizations that deal with manufacture of vehicles. They are also sold to many other organizations to help in domestic source of electricity. The organization has been facing lack of virtues like honesty and integrity in the process of purchasing and supply. This has been making it make huge losses (Buchanan, 2008).

Project Goals and Target Audience

The goal of this project to introduce the concept of E-Procurement in this organization so that purchasing and supply of goods can be done online. We believe that the redesign is going to succeed because the organization has got enough resources to cater for this. The organization will make more profit because E-Procurement will eliminate all unethical behaviors like corruption and frauds that are the main causes of losses (McKie, 2001)

The target audiences are the suppliers and the customers of the organization. The global customers and suppliers will mainly benefit because the transportation cost and time will be reduced significantly.

RFP requirements

The RDP in this organization will require adequate capital to facilitate it incorporation. Training of employees will also be required so that they can be familiar with how E-Procurement works. Suppliers and customers are also need to be trained to facilitate easy way of carrying out businesses with them.

RFP expectation

The physical requirements are 81%. Service requirements on the other hand are 92%. Pricing requirements are expected to be 20%. Delivery and installation requirement are expected to be two months of delivery and three months of installation.

RFP Evaluation

Physical Requirements

The physical solution expected in this project is 81 percent. This RFP meets about 75 percent. This is good number bearing in mind the organization is not familiar with E-Procurement and no experts are used

Service Requirements

The service requirements are expected to be 92%. The RFP however manages to meet about 86 percent of the target. This is also a recommendable result

Pricing Requirement

The prices are expected to reduce by 20 percent because some operational costs are cut be E-Procurement introduction in the organization. RFP manages to meet this expectation

Delivery and Installation

Delivery was expected to take place within two months. Installation on the other hand was expected to take place within the next five month. This took place as it was targeted. Time frames were observed.

Terms and Conditions

All the terms and conditions of the RFP were met.

Skills and Abilities

The bidder had adequate abilities and skills in fixing E-Procurement in the organization. This was clear because at the end the project worked as expected and it was done within time frames.


Buchanan, M. (2008). Profitable buying strategies: How to cut procurement costs and buy your way to higher profits. London: Kogan Page.

McKie, S. (2001). E-business best practices: Leveraging technology for business advantage. New York: Wiley.

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