Free Essay Example. Voting Smart

Published: 2023-04-18
Free Essay Example. Voting Smart
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The presidential seat is one of the seats that are highly contested due to its privileges as well as the power that is bestowed on a president. Therefore during an election, many people vie but only the best candidate winds. The presidential candidate that I support goes by the name Bernie Sanders who is vying through the ticket of the Democrat, which has a large following all over the nation. A majority of people seem to be in support of this candidate for several reasons. He has presented his policies in the following areas, which I find critical and align with me. My stance is fully supporting them as they seem excellent and profoundly transformative, which is among many other reasons why a government is essential. In matters about employment, Mr. Sanders is passionate about creating job opportunities for the people, especially the youths, as it is a growing problem in the country where many youths are jobless.

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Other policies include, education and Mr. Sanders has promised the public that if he can take power, he will make education accessible to all, and this is a critical area that is transformative and is per his agenda of transforming the nation. Food security is another sensitive area that needs to be addressed to ensure that the country can have enough food for its citizens to ensure that nobody dies from starvation. Therefore, he proposes to construct dams to provide water for domestic use in families as well as water for irrigation. The fourth policy is that of health care which is an essential sector that has to be put into considerations as it is about ensuring that the people are healthy to facilitate the development of the nation. Therefore, Smith will ensure that hospitals are built to take care of the people to ensure their health needs are taken care of. The last policy is about the security of the people as well as the vast nation. Equipping the police force of the country as well as the military are among the policies that the candidate aims at achieving to ensure that the citizens are secure in all dimensions, business is safe, and there are peace and stability in the country which is essential for the development of the nation.

To ensure that the campaigns are successful, a lot of money is needed to drive the campaigns, and a majority of the politicians need funders who can facilitate the campaigns financially. Mr. Sander is enjoying support from various groups as well as financial support from several corporations, as well as conducting fund drives to raise the money. He enjoys massive support from the Democrats who are the people from the party that this candidate will use to vie for in the 2020 general elections in America. The Democrats are supportive of their candidates and are offering all the needed assistance to ensure that Bernie Sanders wins as the next president of America after taking over from the current president Donald Trump.

Bernie Sanders also enjoys support from the youths who are among the largest population in America. He has their support due to his policies that seem to be favoring the young people, especially on matters about employment as well as education. Noting that job opportunities are scarce and the youths are many, some of them suffer joblessness, which is a problem, and Sanders seems to provide the young people with a solution. Additionally, this candidate also enjoys support from the corporate sectors as his policies seem to be productive to the corporate area as he maintains that after being elected, he will come up with strategies to ensure that the environment for developing industries will be considered. This will be in the attempt to solve the problem of joblessness, which can be addressed through setting up industries that also go a long way in helping industrialists in coming up with more sectors, which is imperative to their businesses as their chances of increasing their profit will also increase.

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