Free Essay on the Advertising Campaign for Inpera Hybrid Timepieces Collection

Published: 2022-06-01
Free Essay on the Advertising Campaign for Inpera Hybrid Timepieces Collection
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Inpera hybrid timepieces collection is an upcoming Swiss collection of watches that seeks to combine the traditional Swiss heritage of watchmaking with technology. Alex (2018) stated that Marcus Aurelius' once said, 'waste no time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.' This famous quote echoes with one of the core philosophies of Inpera watches. The company wants you to become the best version of you. Reach for greater heights, and achieve your dreams and inspirations.

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Inpera watches are on the shoulders of giants

According to Alex (2018), the Ancient Roman Empire is up to date one of the most famous and was one of the most influential empires. The people then worked with mercy, dignity and industriousness and their critical motivational values. This resulted to their booming civilization with massive technological, cultural and engineering innovation. Nonetheless, the Romans stuck by their traditions and Heritage remained a vital part of their culture (Hartley, 2017). Therefore, more than a century after the fall of the Roman Empire, their heritage and virtues remain, and Inpera strives to learn from them.

Inpera is inspired by Greatness

The impression of Inpera is that most watch manufacturers have become content. Alex, (2018) stated that it is thus quite rare to find a distinctive traditional timepiece combining both unique conventional aesthetics built on contemporary quality and overflowing with technology. Inpera wants to change that. It is by venturing into innovative technology to make Inpera watches while simultaneously retaining the traditional Swiss quality watches (Hartley, 2017). Therefore, Inpera watches will be a hybrid of quality Swiss traditions mixed with 21st Century modern technology resulting into a sophisticated timepiece that matches the Roman Empire monuments.

Characteristic Features of Inpera Watches

The Inpera time pieces are expected to have exemplary smart features which will thus be the indication of the quality of the watch. These include: Automatic time zone adjustment, Tracker sleep monitor, Alarm Notifications, Ultra Power consumption. The watches will also have a battery charge capacity of up to 12moinths together with wireless charging. All the features will thus ensure that Inpera completely serve the various needs of different types of individuals. Therefore, according to Alex (2018), Hybrid Inpera watches will hence be the best time pieces to fit all your needs.


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