Essay Sample on Restructuring of a Leadership Team

Published: 2023-02-15
Essay Sample on Restructuring of a Leadership Team
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The article on the successful restructuring of a leadership team is an article that provides a case study of consultation methods. The methods are Schein's process and the change management framework. The ways offer consultations to companies during a change in management on how the organization can overcome the resistance to change, problems associated with restructuring the organization, and executive onboarding. The consultations offered assistance to the CEOs and senior leaders to cope with their roles and the effects which come with the changes. This paper reviews the article's consultation methods, processes, successes, and challenges.

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During periods of growth in organizations, there are challenges associated with new roles of the executive, the inexperience of service providers, and consumers (Hayes, 2018). There are also financial issues like costs inefficiencies, resistance to changes, and leadership structure at large. Schein's process sought to enhance the organizational clients to understand the operation of the shift and be able to adjust and improve on their areas. The method was used on an organization that experiences problems in finding the solutions to the issues arising during the change period.

The entry stage of the method explored the needs of the entire organization including the historical and current needs which help the organization to integrate the changes to the needs of the organizations, therefore striving to achieve them(Cameron,2015). The diagnosis stage of Schein's process collected information of the organizations on the problems of the organization, the possible solutions, and the desired goals. The operations, however, had to rely on the data from the CEO after an interview. The interview was able to reflect on the styles of leadership and therefore, an opportunity to identify critical style which could transform the organization into the new structure of leadership. At the implementation stage, the consultation was all about coming up with plans on how to adopt the changes in management. The last step of disengagement evaluated the whole process of discussion where the procedure was accessed. Most areas were successful with a few limitations: the process limitations or the methods were the relevance of the phases; some phases were irrelevant to the changes in the organization. Most of the processes were meaningful and offered a solution to the challenges of facing change.

The second process captured in the article concerning the case study was the CEO's view. Process responded to stages of consultation to the consultation stages; the CEO was committed to steps of consultancy. Concerning the entry process, the management was able to identify some of the positions which needed to be filled, especially in the communication and support sector. The reactions from staff were that there were issues in the changes made which did not address the management and support needs. Following the complaints, the CEO presented a preferred structure of leadership that will address the raised issues. Diagnosis enabled the CEO to search on the best organizational structures on human resource and financial development where he tested several scenarios with the new executive, and it was approved.

Concerning the recommendations of the consultants on the implementation, the CEO had to follow some criteria which involved several interviews with YUSA and COO and finally focused on the Director of Annual Giving positions.

In conclusion, the article summed up with an engagement of consultants and the company's management and assisted one another in managing the organization during the time of change. The reports provide an explicit interaction of the consultants and the management of the organization, which at the end yielded fruits by providing the organization with guidelines on coping up with changes.


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