Paper Example: Violent Relationships and Suicidal Behavior

Published: 2023-03-14
Paper Example: Violent Relationships and Suicidal Behavior
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Brutal dating correlates with suicidal behaviour. Research shows that there is a difference between youths who spend most of their time with their parents and those that do not. Future research should focus more on these so that the research can generate policy advice data to the policy formulators in the education sector. Intense relationship and suicidal behaviour have been a subject of study, and the conclusion was that those in a passionate relationship are victims of suicidal behaviour. Researchshows that those people who stay in an abusive contact are more psychologically prone to committing suicide. They are mentally unstable and suffer from low self-esteem without a psycho support system. The idea of parents spending less time with their children has a direct negative impact on youths.It is these parents that can detect some of these negative behaviours their children. Future research should differente between teenagers who spend the most time with their parents and those who do not.This will have a direct policy impact on the education department who should adjust the policy.

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The mental illness and suicidal rates among female teenagers are alarming, according to the research data provided. It is the wish of every parent to see their children graduate to adulthood mature enough to deal with all the issues affecting them. No parent would wish to hear that their children committed suicide as a result if violent relationships that they were in. Teachers are expected to do more when it comes to counselling and psychological support to teenagers. There is a relationship between extreme dating among teenagers and poor mental health (Baker et al., 2015). Love is irrational, and when the person that they love is the source of your mental anguish then without proper psucyj0logivcal support, you can end up feeling dejected. Female teenagers are more likely to experience violent relationships compared to men, and thus the number of female in the juvenile justice system that has a psychological and mental illness is higher. Depression and anxiety are some of the common mental illnesses that the female teenagers present themselves with (Baker et al., 2015). These are issues that can easily be identified by the parent who spend more time with their children, thus helping to reduce the number of suicidal cases as a result of violent relationships. Parents need to have more time with their teenage children. They are in a better position to talk to their daughters and protect them from abusive boyfriends.

Research shows that that teen show had attempted suicide before having a likelihood of attempting suicide again. It is thus essential that the teens spend more time with their parents who can witness this behaviour and take precautions. In the school where the number of students is high, it might be impossible or take more time for the teachers to detect suicidal behaviour and then trend. In Hawaii, research shows that the youths and teens in an abusive relationship do attempt suicide, and the likelihood of the teens attempting su9cidenagian is high. Children should remain under close supervision and mentorship to help deal with the suicidal thoughts. Parents are also able to know from their sons and daughters what kind of relationship they are in and advise if the connection is healthy or not. An education policy that urges parents to spend more time with their parents would be welcome. The lives of the teens in abusive relatinships is more important than the parents having a luxury time as their children spend more time in school. Future research should be able to give data of the youths who spend less time in school, and those spend more time with their parents and the impact it has on the children with regards to suicidal rates as a result of violent relationships (Baker et al., 2015).

Most research finding indicate a relationship between violent victimizations ah suicidal behaviour. It is a fact that teen can open up with their parents who detect a change of expression compared to how they open up to their teachers. Parents should be allowed more time where they can talk freely about issues affecting their teens and youthful sons and daughters in school ad within the community. Parents can offer the necessary advice when it comes to violent relationships. The young adults can feel that there is someone who loves them equally just like their abusive partners. The education department should understand that the suicidal rates amongst the teens show that the teen lacks the necessary psychological support (Baker et al., 2015). To prove that the education policy needs to be changed to create more time with their parents, future researchers should provide data of suicidal cases emanating from violent relationships of teens who spend more time with their parents and teen show do not spend more time with their parents (Buttar et al., 2013).

Future studies need to differentiate between the youths who spend more time with their parents and those who do not.The assumption has been that high suicide is by teens in violent relationships as a result of less time spent between parents and the youths. Teenage youths have fragile egos that sometimes require the bonding of the parents for them to open up and get the necessary support that they deserve (Van Dulmen et al., 2012). They need to have a person that they can be vulnerable to and seek help. The current study has provided a comprehensive assessment of the nature of adolescents who have suicidal thoughts. Longitudinal studies carried out have shown that there is an enormous relationship between suicidal rate and the violent relationship that young adults are involved in (Buttar et al., 2013). Education policymakers need to identify the issues as an issue of importance and find out ways on how to deal with the problem. A society that loses its youths is a society that has no future, especially when the deaths can get a prevention by dealing with abusive relatinships.

Parents need to ensure that their children are well psychologically and that the issues they face get a timely address. One of the reasons cited is that the youths who commit suicide feel unloved by their partners. It is important for parents to fill the gap so that the teens can get to know there is love elsewhere if their intimate partners do not find them loveable. Future research should be able to help in finding a solution to the problem. It should not only report about suicide cases as a result of violent relationships. Researchers should compare cases of suicide between youths who spend more time with their papers and those that do not (Belshaw et al., 2012). Teens should not die as a result of violent relationships.They should be able to live happily and not opt for suicide as a solution to their mental illness (Van Dulmen et al., 2012). Parents have a role to play, and the education department should support that role through policy. They should be allowed more time with adolescents and teens to be able to mould them into responsible adults.


The time that matters for children and their parents is spending time together. It is vital as parents can guide their teenage children into better adults.At this stage, the teenagers experience a lot, and they are not emotionally healthy to deal with the psychological challenges that they go through. Teachers may not offer the help that the parents can since they have no biological attachment to teenage adults. It is this stage that the adolescents experience love and research has shown that not all love affairs at this stage are perfect. Some have feelings of anger and hate that they end up committing suicide. There is a direct relationship between teenage suicide and violent love affairs. The department of education should introduce a policy that creates more time between adolescent students and their parents .The parents can detect a sign of violent relationships in their adolescent children and their mental well-being. Suicide rates among teenagers emanating from intense relationships are high. Research shows that those who have attempted suicide once are likely to commit suicide in future. The education department needs to have a policy that creates more time for parents and their teenage children as opposed to them spending more time in school.


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