Free Essay on How Waterbury Career Academy High School Will Benefit Me

Published: 2021-01-25
Free Essay on How Waterbury Career Academy High School Will Benefit Me
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I would like to join Waterbury Career Academy High School because I believe in its mission to work cooperatively with us students, our parents (families), as well as the community in promoting us with the best standards of skills-based career education. I strongly believe that the 21st-century competencies that they utilize in preparing students are what I need for my future success, both in college and in my work life. I intend to, in future, pursue a career in health science; therefore, the Health Science course offered under the Health Services career strand, will be a perfect place for me to begin. Further, the fact that Waterbury Career Academy High School is committed to ensuring that is students become learners, critical thinkers, community contributors, and workers, is a perfect recipe for future success.

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The field of health services, particularly nursing, where there is constant communication between the nurse, his/her colleagues, the patient, and the patients family, amongst others, require one to be an effective communicator. Waterbury Career Academy High School promises to teach its students how to effectively communicate both in writing, speaking, as well as in reading. I intend to take this challenge seriously because I understand the importance of effective communication in my future, in college, and at work. Personally, I am good at decision-making, as well as at solving problems; in fact, I often take the initiative in offering solutions. Therefore, I believe that joining an institution that believes in preparing its students to become critical thinkers is the best fit for me because it will help me enhance my skills.

In the world today, employers require potential employees to demonstrate and validate digital literacy skills; in fact, it is so important that employability today depends on it. The need for digital literacy is even more in the health services sector, where there is extensive use of digital devices and gadgets. Thus, the fact that Waterbury Career Academy High School identified that students, upon completion of their studies should be able to use technology as a tool for communication, management integration, research, and evaluation, influenced my decision to seek admission to the school. Further, it is impressive that the school believes in and encourages self-motivated and self-directed learning, particularly independent monitoring, prioritization, and completion of tasks. This is attractive, particularly, for a student who believes in taking initiative, like I do.

I like helping other people and volunteering in charitable causes, as well as in community-based initiatives. This is a character that my parents and family have tried very hard to instill in me. I remember in middle school when I went with my parents to volunteer at a community medical camp two summers ago. During this camp, I saw a lot of people in pain; although I could not understand what was ailing them or how to help them, I did feel their pain. I remember my dad telling me how important it is to help other and that helping other people was a blessing. The compassion I felt that day made me realize that if I wanted to help such people, then I should be a nurse or doctor. My passion for helping other in pain grew and developed from then on. Therefore, the civic and social attributes of respect, responsible citizenship, and active participation in community and school activities nurtured at Waterbury Career Academy High School, will help in my development and growth.

Finally, I must admit that it will a great honor to be part of Waterbury Career Academy High School community. It is not just because the school offers college credit courses or the fact that finishing the Health Science course will enable me to take the CAN Certification test while attending college, but because of moral and ethical character that students get. Therefore, I am looking forward to beginning my journey towards being a CAN and becoming an individual of HONOR.

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