Essay Sample on Violence against Women in the United States and Afghanistan

Published: 2023-09-12
Essay Sample on Violence against Women in the United States and Afghanistan
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Almost 2,500 years ago, when slavery was common in various cities around the world, a city that defeated another city had the power to enslave some of the people who were vanquished in the fight (Henslin 2010). Women were the first people to be enslaved in the war due to their vulnerability after the raiders killed all men in society. After killing the men, the raiders raped the women and carried them to their cities as slaves, where they were valued for purposes of sex, labor, and reproduction. Violence against women has remained evident for an extended period with the war on terrorism in Afghanistan lands, increasing the rates of the vice and many of them get killed in the process.

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Women around the world suffer from honor violence in the hands of relatives, especially male ones, in a bid to reclaim the honor of the family. In Afghanistan, if a woman is suspected of or accused of engaging in certain behaviors that may damage the status of her family, her relatives retaliate brutally, resulting in violent deaths (Samar 2019). In war-ridden Afghanistan, honor killings of women are rooted in global cultures of ways that discriminate against women and show the young generation that women are commodities and objects for use.

In the United States, attacks on women have been on the rise, with honor killings being reported to be more than twenty-five honor killing cases each year. Both of the honor killings in the United States and Afghanistan have a common trait in that a large percentage of the people that commit such injustices are male family members and intimate partners. A difference that exists in honor killings of the United States and those in Afghanistan is that in the U.S., such violence against women is often committed by immigrants from other parts of the world while the cases in Afghanistan are common among its people (Samar 2019).

Education is usually a formative tool that shapes the lives of young people and children around the globe. Denial of rights to education to many women interferes with their future making many of them live a poor life where they lack basic needs (Henslin2010). Denial of education has affected a lot of women around the globe, especially those from Afghanistan and the United States. Violence against women is a national problem in both countries since it is quite common in various places such as schools, workplaces, and the military, among others.

Lack of access to education has created a room for violation of women's rights. They get into unhealthy relationships in search of basic needs, and in this context, they are viewed as objects which, in most cases, lead to domestic violence. The United States differs from Afghanistan in education matters. There are more schools in the United States than in Afghanistan (Samar, 2019). The rate of poverty among women in Afghanistan is higher than in the United States due to a lack of education.

In both countries, women suffer both psychologically, mentally, socially, and physically. Lack of education leads them to experience sexual assault, such as rape. In Afghanistan, most girls are denied access to school due to various barriers, such as some families refusing their girls to be taught by male teachers when they are at the puberty stage (Samar 2019). Other barriers include lack of necessities such as toilets, water, buildings, which affect the lives of women negatively. Afghanistan's government has failed in the education sector since there few schools meant for girls; hence they cannot acquire proper and adequate education.

Due to illiteracy among women, they are regarded as not being responsible in society; hence they are at a higher risk of facing violence. In both countries, uneducated women face violence at a higher rate due to the state of poverty they are living in. They are mainly involved in sexual assault in search of necessities (Samar 2019). When these women get involved in such acts in society, they suffer depression because no one wants to be associated with them. Despite the fact that the United States is believed to provide proper and adequate education to both genders, women face discrimination. Such barriers have prevented women and girls from getting educated and acquiring careers of their choices.

Denial of education among women in Afghanistan and the United States has a lot of adverse effects (Samar 2019). They are unable to carry out duties as usual, and due to violence they face in society, they cannot even take care of their families and children as well. Domestic violence has greatly hindered them from participating in social and regular activities within societies. Lack of education has denied women in both countries knowledge; hence they can easily indulge themselves in risky activities since most of them are vulnerable to contracting deadly viruses like HIV/AIDS as a result of sexual assault.


Violence against women in the United States and Afghanistan exists in ways where they are hindered from having rights to perform specific tasks like other countries do, getting an education like their male counterparts and experiencing honor killings. I feel that this issue should be fixed and violence against women in countries around the world abolished and placed in their constitutions as a crime that is solved in court and have serious repercussions. I feel that any person that is found guilty of violating women should be locked in jail regardless of who they are.


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