Free Essay on the Theme of Malcom X Legacy

Published: 2022-09-06
Free Essay on the Theme of Malcom X Legacy
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Racial segregation in the postwar USA was a critical issue that was marked with different activities. Their ethnic affiliation treated the members of the society. While the blacks and other minority groups were looked into as inferior citizens, they organized themselves into groups that could ensure they liberate themselves from the struggle of racial segregation. Among the most instrumental figures in the battle for equality in society was Malcolm X. Malcolm X was one of the most radical black liberation leaders who advocated for the rights of the blacks. Malcolm carried out campaigns and activities to sensitize individuals on the legal actions that they should carry out, as well as fighting for the good of the blacks. However, his death came in the course of his peak activities to liberate blacks from oppressive tendencies and segregation. This is a showcase of the manner in which he was instructional in the development of much better avenues to integrate value in the community (Bangura, 69). Nonetheless, even after his death, Malcolm X left a considerably outstanding legacy that will always be remembered while championing for the freedom of the society.

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Malcolm X left a legacy of fighting for the equality in the society among the young activists. His followers uplifted the manner in which he sensitized the community on the best measures to be taken towards addressing the issue of equality in the society to levels where they could conduct countrywide sensitization. Moreover, when he looked into the creation of an efficient system to be accrued through the use of legal avenues, Malcolm X was integral in infusing the ideas within the youths (Bangura, 71). Even after his death, the ability to guide individuals through his teaching was carried out, and the followers carried out activities that would soon see the society to achieve the much-desired level of enhancing their values. Thus, when it comes to the attractive handling of the struggle for equality in the community, Malcolm left a legacy to be withstood in the society.

Religious affiliation is another extraordinary legacy that Malcolm X left in the society. The Islamic society grew widely among the black members of the nation due to the manner in which Malcolm X mentored them into the religion. Malcolm worked to ensure that significant numbers of youths in the society, who were exposed to criminal activities and had little education were taken through the Islamic systems to ensure that they were assisted in the right models. Therefore, the factor of being a religious individual made Malcolm have a significant level of attracting value to individuals to his struggle and also making sure that each activity which he conducted was feasible as per the religious angle (Smallwood). Therefore, even after his death, many youths joined Islam to ensure that they would be kept safe from different activities that prevailed in their community. This, in the long run, helped to reduce the level of delinquency in the city as there were various issues that they had to tackle to ensure a proficient tackling of their activities.

On the other hand, after the death of Malcolm, a significant number of youths and young blacks sought education to ensure that they changed their lives. Malcolm advocated for education and black nationalistic approach to carrying out activities. This is a significant instance of his legacy that lived on among the youths (Bangura, 89). Apart from the struggle for equality, Malcolm saw it very efficient to ensure that there were determining factors that could change the economic stance of the community. Therefore, when it comes to bringing the individual to learn and know of whatever issues will improve their lives, Malcolm worked well to attract a better value system for the entire course of activities to be conducted. Thus, there were different instances where Malcolm was an instructional champion for education, and his contingencies worked to influence the society. This was a great achievement that he made in both life and death, as there was an increased number of acceptance for education among the members of the black communities.

Malcolm X advocated for strikes and boycotts as measures that could get the black community the deserved equality. The manner in which he taught the individual members of his city was to ensure that they applied all techniques available to make sure there were better and much more efficient activities to be carried out (Perry). Therefore, Malcolm X, even in death was celebrated with boycotts and other measures that saw the rise of more democratic handling of the blacks in the society, The youths who were in his organization worked to ensure that they could attract a much better avenue of attending to the core issues within the community. Thus, the legacy that he left behind of being ahead in boycotts and strikes made the society to fight for liberation from the oppressive tendencies.

In conclusion, Malcolm X was an instrumental figure in fighting for equality in the society. With his revolutionary teachings and radical verbal discourses, he got to encourage the organization to pick new ideas that could work in an instructional manner to service his needs. The followers of Malcolm X, on the other hand, worked to ensure that they could apply productive activities in bringing to reality the dream of their leader. As a result of his teachings and legacy, Malcolm X is today commemorated as one of the people who sensitized the society on the need for whole systems and an integrated community. Thus, Malcolm X legacy got to live even after his death.

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