Essay Example on the Use of Modified Overt Aggression Scale

Published: 2022-09-28
Essay Example on the Use of Modified Overt Aggression Scale
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MOAS is a very important behavior rating scale developed to measure different types of aggressive behaviors. This rating scale has four section wherein each section there are five questions. The first section has questions relating to verbal aggression, the second relates to aggression towards property, the third section has questions evaluating auto aggression and the last section concerns physical aggression (Chukwujekwu & Stanley, 2008). In a Meta-analysis article with "Implementation of Violence Risk Assessment Tool on In-patient Psychiatric Unit" show how MOAS was used to decrease restraint usage by identifying patients with aggressive behavior that interfere with the normal functioning of healthcare professionals. It was used to identify patients that can assault nurses and other patients before witnessing any episode in the hospital (Alvano, 2016).

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As a result, it was used to help identify patients with traumatic brain injury that could be dangerous to other patients and healthcare professionals. However, it was used to measure the level of patient assaults towards others through the enhancement of precision of identification of patients that could assault others to allow the hospital to take a correct intervention to mitigate the problem (Carlow & Hall, 2015). With the help of MOAS, the hospital could easily determine assault precautions, its likelihood of occurrence, the degree of exposure to other patients, where the patient was located and the possible harm the patient could inflict on others or healthcare professionals (Hankin & Bronstone, 2010). Therefore, MOAS was used by physicians in this article to track the aggressive behavior of patients admitted to the hospital over time.

It was used in the collection of demographic data, clinical features and recording episodes of aggression that took place in the healthcare setting so that unnecessary incidences could be avoided before they occur (Sands & Khaw, 2012). According to the article, the implementation of MOAS reduced the assault level by 25% as the ultimate goal was to ensure that the assault rate in hospitals is maintained below NDNQI statistics (OSHA, 2015). It is therefore important to use MOAS in every psychiatric unit.


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