IT Project Management Essay Example

Published: 2019-10-16
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The aim reason for requiring a system project is due to a system request. It ensures stronger controls. This is done to make sure that the system remains controllable, that the safety of the data stored is as enhanced as possible. Some of the methods used in ensuring the safety of the data stored is done through encrypting the data, installation of passwords or by just coding the data to make sure that the data is kept away from the malicious individuals. However, there can still be the utilization of biometric security. One of these includes the iPhones fingerprint security system known at the Touch ID.

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It leads to a reduction in the costs. The systems that are in use currently have always proved very expensive to maintain and ensure their continued operations and subsequent maintenance. These extra cost either come from the problems that are technically experienced in the systems, the weaknesses of the designs or even due to the alteration of the demands with time. This is one of the major reasons for it to be necessary to have systems which can update themselves automatically fitted. This will ensure that the goals that are of long term are solved ones and for all.

Leads to the acquisition of more information. Making use of updated systems always lead to the production of information that can be deemed insufficient or inaccurate. This can be seen in the instances of slow responses to inquiries of some given data at some given times or might fail to give a support for the growth of the company. There are even some instances where the system being used was only designed for some specific hardware hence making it hard to configure hence rendering it unable to perform in the case of an introduction of a new hardware. Under this case, there is necessity for system projects.

It leads to improved performance. The system request are always aimed at ensuring improvement in the services being offered to the customers or the given users in some company. This can be elaborated by the case where the joint fund stockholders are given the allowance of be checking of the balances of their accounts. They can be allowed to do this through just the websites hence this is responsible in making sure that the customer satisfaction if enhanced.

Chapter 3: The roles of the project manager

The project ensure Project Planning. Under this role, the project manager has a duty of that all of the tasks to be carried out at the project are identified. After their identification, the project manager has a duty too of ensuring that he/she gives the estimate of the actual time that the project should be completed with. Finally, under the role of planning the project, the manager should be able to provide estimates of the costs of each and every task that will be undertaken during the project.

The project manager ensures Project Scheduling. Under this responsibility, the manager should be able to create some specific timetable, that which under normal circumstances is provided in the form of a chart to give a directive on the tasks at hand and the tasks that have urgency for their completion. He is also responsible for the sake of ensuring that the project is as staffed as it should be and that there is proper delegation of duties to the members of the given team.

The project ensures Project Monitoring. Under this, the project manager ensures that there is proper guidance given, that there is proper supervision of workload and also ensuring that the tasks of the project are well coordinated. He is responsible for ensuring that he/she supervises properly the progress of the project. This includes taking in of evaluations of the results being experienced and ensure that there are corrections done on the areas which are necessary. This is one of the most fundamental areas of the project and most significant role of the project manager to ensure that the project remains on course to achieve its goal.

He/she is responsible for project reports. The project manager has a duty of ensure that the top management for the project remains updated with as frequent reports as possible. He/she has a duty of ensuring that the other project users and the team in charge of seeing through the project remain as updated as possible. This therefore calls the managers to be in possession of very strong skills for conveying the message to the expected target. The manager should be quick enough to known that which his team desires and the information concerning the projects that they seem to have keen interest on.

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