Free Essay Sample - Media Influence on Shared Governance

Published: 2023-01-23
Free Essay Sample - Media Influence on Shared Governance
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Trump's administration is being faced with criticism regarding its intent to repeal the current healthcare insurance policy, the Affordable Care Act, in favor of the new one, "Medicare for all". The steps taken by Congress, the majority of them being Democrats, are being challenged by the executives, which is made up of America's Health Insurance Plans and the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America. The disparity between the two sides on the policy issues is based on financial and philosophical.

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According to the article given on the topic, the legislation and the executive do not encourage each other to take ownership of the policy issue. The legislation is criticizing the Affordable Care Act, accusing the executive of earning a lot from the existing health policy yet their role is insignificant to the health care coverage. The proposal made by Congress is to have the person of age 50 to 65 be considered in the new Medicare plan. Their stronghold on the policy is that it will be favorable, especially because throughout the industry there are numerous instances where people are being laid off and this policy will work out well for them, rather than waiting until when they attain the age of 65 years and above to access medical services. Congress holds that under the existing Affordable Care Act, the premium might be increased by the insurer as people get older, and those who are eligible for subsidies will be faced with higher premium expenses from the insurer.

The executive on the other side state that the new proposed policy will be a failure to America upon its implementation if enacted. The executive is adamant to support the Affordable Care Act as it covers many American and hence it is lucrative to them. The executive cites that if Medicare will be endorsed, it will mean that substandard health services will be offered to the few Americans who will be insured. Medicare pays less compared to private insurance, while the payment frequency will not incorporate the cost of providing health services to Medicare patients. In the long term, the physicians will restrict the number of Medicare patients they will attend while offering care since Medicare will be a frustrating option.

The policy issue under this article clearly states how there is lack of cooperation between the two branches, the executive and the legislative. Based on the article, it is indeed the role of both branches to resolve the imminent policy issue, rather than completely repealing the Affordable Care Act. Both should instead consider making amendments, and consider merging their interests so that they ensure that the quality of the health care services being offered it not deteriorating and is instead safeguarded. For instance, one of the separate proposals made by the Congress "to allow the development of the Medicaid buy-in-program for all the residents despite the level of income," will be a considerate option when included in the amendment of the Affordable Care Act. It is obvious that the Affordable Care Act is costly, but still, the policy amendment should consider the size of coverage and add value to the health sector, and less expensive, rather than being selfish in promoting the quality of health services.


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