US Election 2020: Trump vs Biden - Who Will Win? - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-10-15
US Election 2020: Trump vs Biden - Who Will Win? - Essay Sample
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On November 03, 2020, Americans are going in the ballot to render their verdict about who should be the next president of the United States. President Trump, the Republican nominee and Joe Biden have all strengthened their campaigns to win the hearts of the electorate. Who will emerge the winner is the questions many Americans and people around the globe ask themselves. How the two have handled things in the past years in office will prove vital in swaying Americans' hearts to trust them with the most critical position. In Coronavirus's face, politics have heated up with every group trying to sell their policies on how they can help citizens go through this most challenging phase. This paper compares Trump's approach with that of Joe Biden as the two candidates seek to go head to head in a much-awaited tussle. The research focuses on immigration, gun control, and healthcare issues.

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Trump's Biography

Donald John Trump was born on June 14, 1946. He got elected as the 45th and the current president of the United States (Biography. Com, 2020). He was born and raised in Queens, New York, where he received a bachelor of degree from Wharton School. Before Trump decided to join politics, he was a businessman and a TV personality. Trump turned his attention into politics in 2015 when he decided to vie for the U.S presidency through the Republican party. In November 2016, Trump became the U.S 45th president by winning over the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton (Biography. Com, 2020). Now he is the potential candidate for republican party facing Joe Biden for November 03 2020 general elections.

Joe Biden's Biography

Joe Biden was born on November 20, 1942, and grew up in Cranton in Northeast Pennsylvania (Biography. Com, 2020). Biden attended the University of Delaware, where he had an opportunity to study history and political science to shape his future career. After graduating from the school of law in 1968, Biden started putting his political skills into work through a law firm in Delaware. He was an active member of the democratic party also. From 1979 to 2009, Biden served excellently in the senate (Biography. Com, 2020). On November 02, 2008, Obama and Biden won the U.S elections through the Democratic party, making Biden the 47th U.S vice president. He ran for two consecutive terms when Obama got reelected in November 2012. Biden is currently the potential Democratic candidate to run against Trump from the republican party come November 03, 2020 (Biography. Com, 2020).

Trump on Immigration

Trump has done a lot to handle illegal immigration and hopes to convince Americans that he can do better if added some time. U.S faces high levels of unauthorized immigration and smuggling across the borders. Maybe Americans would be ready to listen to a president who can put this nightmare into a halt. Trump proposed the famous border wall that was to restrict movement notorious U.S-Mexican border (Olorunnipa, 2019). He also sent additional troops to the border, laid off top immigration officials, and came up with an immigration czar to control illegal immigration. Trump means business, and he is ready to act to ensure that Americans are no longer affected by ill-minded people who get their way into the country illegally.

Trump announced that he would increase a 5% tariff on any goods incoming from Mexico (Olorunnipa, 2019). This move intends to discourage illegal migrants from Mexico. It would mean bad for business, but it would push Mexico to be keener and stop violating the border legislations. President Trump blames the Mexican government for not stepping up and helping tackle an issue that has overwhelmed the U.S government. President trump induces tariffs to act as a catalyst to make the Mexican government respond in the right manner.

However, some of the Trump approaches to immigration have been inconsiderate, and this might ruin his chances of reelection. For instance, as part of solving the issue of immigration, Trump has deported hundreds of Iraq Christians back to Iraq (Olorunnipa, 2019). This jeopardizes the chances of survival for the Christians who are running for their dear lives. Immigration is a great challenge to the U.S, but the deportation should get done moderately. There is no need to pose risks to innocent citizens in the name of breaking the border rules. This might be a significant challenge to Trump come November when he needs to convince the voters that his immigration policies are working miracles. He means well for the U.S, but it should not get done at the expense of other people lives.

Biden on Immigration

Joe Biden has served under Obama; he understands the pain caused to immigrants by the deportations. He has a plan to come up with a more practical approach to handle the issue of immigration. Biden wants to reform several policies created by Trump, including the pathway for citizenship awarded to over eleven million undocumented immigrants (Pramuk, 2019). Joe Biden witnessed the pain that immigrants and their families went through after Obama deportation. He intends to develop an improved policy that follows humane procedures and preserves the immigrants' dignity. People should not get treated less humanely in the process of executing the immigration policies. Some of them are refugees and asylum-seekers, and they deserve better attention because they have faced a lot before. It is good to consider their mental health as well.

According to Biden's campaign, he wants to stop the separation of migrant children from their parents, unlike the Trumps proposal. He also wants to moderate the travel restrictions imposed against the Muslim by president Trump. Biden intends to increase access to Visas for refugees to areas with more economical needs. He plans to raise the numbers from the current 18,000 to 125,000 (Pramuk, 2019). This is a positive move considering that there is an economic gap, and there are some people in search of such opportunities. The least U.S can do openly welcome individuals with the skill sets needed to fill the hole. However, I do not think that all Americans can welcome the view open-heartedly because some feel that there are many Americans without jobs, and they can be happy to fill the positions. Come November, Americans will have tough choices to make with Biden taking a moderate approach to immigration. In contrast, Trump goes for a more restrictive approach, imposing strict border rules and tariffs to force states to comply.

Trump on Gun Control

Gun violence is one of the most significant challenges affecting U.S. Citizens will be looking to hear what the presidential candidates have to offer on the table to address the issue (Williams, 2020). It is naive to think that a series of policies can help put into end homicides, violence, and all rampage connected to gun possession. Gun violence emergences from one main problem, possessing guns, Trump has done a lot to ensure that he puts the problem under control, but it seems that gun violence is way bigger than people take it. Inability to determine the shooting done for protection and criminal activities puts the efforts to control gun violence in jeopardy. Republicans argue that a lot of shooting done is for personal protection, and hence the government can do less to handle the situation.

However, some massacres done in areas such as Texas and Dayton raise questions about Trump's approach to gun control. The government has not done enough to protect the public from unlicensed gun owners; this puts Americans' lives on stake. Gun regulating policies might become a considerable determinant in November's elections. Americans want to live in a nation where they are assured of their safety, want to put someone in power who devises policies that can make them live fearlessly. The bloodshed recently realized because of relaxed gun policies is a great challenge. Trump promises to be more vigilant on the issue of gun control if he gets reelected. He promises to close all the loopholes to minimize entries of unlicensed weapons (Williams, 2020). It would be a great step, but that is for Americans to decide come November.

Biden on Gun control

Biden and the Democratic party feel that the current laws on gun control are way too relaxed. They feel that the republican party is doing less to address one of the most severe issues in the U.S. The Democrats call for abolishing assault weapons such as AR-15 semi-automatic rifles (Forgey, 2020). The guns have been used in the past to carry out most lethal mass shootings. Keeping them on the check would ensure that the risks posed to the public are minimal. The federal government has done a lot to keep the weapons at bay; somehow, they find their way into perpetrators hands. Biden intends to develop stricter policies that ensure the illegal guns get entirely banned from the public access.

The Biden government is targeting on correcting the Background checks legislation to mend the holes in the federal laws. Biden focuses on filling the cracks that the Trump's administration has been unable to rectify during his first term. For instance, the Charleston and gun show loopholes (Forgey, 2020). Biden intends to introduce a universal background check system, a move that most Americans support (Forgey, 2020). Citizens will be allowed to purchase licensed guns, but they will have to pass through a licensed background dealer to make the transaction complete. This enhances more vigilance in the process of selling and buying guns. Biden hopes that granting the majority of Americans the policy they desire will help to win their hearts. The democrats are also calling for mandatory weapon registering. Some people argue that registering guns interferes with the owners' privacy. However, the public's security is in jeopardy, and Biden is willing to go extra miles to save Americans the trouble. The Democrats call for a national database that has information of all the gun owners to ensure that weapons are in the right hands. It is up for the Americans to make the best choices.

Trump on Healthcare

The Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act (ACA) enacted in 2012 by the Obama administration extended health coverage to about 20 million Americans (Miranda, 2020). Presidential candidates agreed to do more to cover the uninsured Americans. However, under the rule of Trump, things have been quite different. Immediate after his election, Trump was calling for the scrapping of the Affordable Care Act, intending to cut down the budget. Trump proposes a "Medicare for all" system. Trump's government's policies have made it challenging to implement the Obamacare health policy. This has left a lot of vulnerable Americans in critical conditions because they cannot afford the hospital bills.

In the face of the Corona outbreak pandemic, many Americans have been unable to access medical care because they cannot afford the insurance bills. The government has failed in its mandate of enhancing quality Medicare for all the citizens (Miranda, 2020). Americans are struggling to pay hospital bills, especially those laid off because of the corona outbreak, and they cannot access their work insurances. People are feeling vulnerable everywhere. Trump's relations with other states such as China puts the health of Americans in jeopardy; Americans cannot access medicines and other equipment because of the hefty tariffs imposed on China. Trump is focusing on reshaping the whole healthcare system, and this proves hard because many Americans cannot afford health insurance. Nations such as Canada offer free medical care services to their city, but the U.S is miles away from reaching such levels. Americans need a leader who can stir them well during the COVID-19 crisis.

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