Free Essay Sample: High-Value Care

Published: 2023-03-15
Free Essay Sample: High-Value Care
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High-value care is care that balances the organization's costs and improves the patient's outcomes. The essay seeks to answer various questions that relate to high-value care. Among the addressed issues include the hypothesis and issues of concern in providing high-value care. Other areas captured include the health economic models, dependent and independent data, key findings, and the implications for high-value care.

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Problem/Issue/Questions Analyzed and/or the Hypothesis

The main problem under discussion concerns whether an organization can offer high-value care with lower costs possible. In other words, is there any possibility that an organization can provide high-value care with little expenses? Another issue of concern is to seek what exactly can be done to prevent further erosion of private healthcare sectors. What can be done to increase the number of health insurance purchasers? What opportunities should be put in place to avoid persistent shortfalls in both management and production sectors in a health care organization? The hypothesis is that the best and high-value care is dependent on the life expectancy of individuals. Therefore, adequate health care can only be achieved through improved organizational reforms and improved working conditions within the organization.

Health Economic Models and/or Concepts Included In the Study

CEO Checklist is the Health economic model that aims at helping an organization to meet its objectives. The model briefs an organization on better measures for high-value care. It aims at lowering organizational production costs and improving its care measures. The CEO Checklist model entails ten items that significantly help reduce the cost of production and increase care quality services. The items in the model are primarily based on the organizational foundation, care, infrastructure delivery, and customer feedback based on opportunities and value, among many others. The model mandates the corporate management teams with obligations to improve the health of individuals by offering the best and most affordable services. In other words, the executive officers have the responsibility to ensure people receive improved healthcare services. More so, the Lean model is another tool that helps the organization to offer quality care to people. The lean model anticipates improved care delivery. It is built based on people's respect and subsequent improvement of their health. The lean model aims at reducing time wastage as well as lowering cost production in an organization.

Data, Methods, Variables - Dependent and Independent

From the data analysis, an institution cannot attain high-value care for the people unless it is harmed with proper medical strategies. Nearly about 98000 deaths reported in an organization are associated with medical errors. More so, about 15% of the organization's population is at high risk in case the organization fails to practice better high-value care. Continued inadequate care measures are the main factor that encourages patients to degrade the system of health-providing organizations. For instance, 20% of elderly patients discharged to take a longer time to return to the organization. The study shows that the purchasing plan is the best method to help cut down the costs of production and improve care measures. For instance, it lowers organizational expenditures and establishes high-value care of low prices. Also, the assessment recommends high-tech services to minimize time wastage. Time wastage contributes to about a 30% decline in high-value care.

Key Findings and Limitations

From the assessment, the application of the two models significantly reduced the rates of mortality in many organizations. More so, the organization has lowered its costs of production drastically. The models helped more in improving the quality of care services to the patients. The recent survey confirms that patients have enough time to spend with their health providers. More so, fewer errors are committed when serving patients. The most significant limitation is the urgent challenges that emerge from different departments. Some members of the organization are not trustworthy. They provide wrong information which interrupts the operation of the organization.

Implications - Management and/or Strategy

If healthcare organizations can adopt appropriate IT practices, automatically their services will be useful to patients. For example, EHRs are better and more advanced forms of technology that improve organizational performance. Not only improving the services, but enhanced technology facilities also lowers the cost of health provision to the people. Also, the organization requires using the finite resources appropriately allocated to help lower prices and improve care. Last but not least, shared decision-making creates a balanced operational setting for all parties within an organization. It encourages open communication between seniors and junior executives.


Every patient is entitled to a high care value. However, these high-value care services should be streamlined in a manner that favors both the patients and the organization. For instance, the organization should improvise ways to eliminate the high costs of production and improve the quality of their care. An organization that offers better and quality care to people develops a strong bond with its client. As a result, the organization encounters fewer losses in the course of its operation.

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