Free Essay with the Questions on Homeopathy and Aging Process

Published: 2022-06-01
Free Essay with the Questions on Homeopathy and Aging Process
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Q1. What is the main principle of homeopathy?

The main principle of homeopathy is similars (similia similibus curentur, or 'like' cures like). In this principle, a remedy that mimics symptoms is given so that the body's natural healing power is stimulated to cure the problem. This is contrary to orthodox medicine where a drug that suppresses the condition is given to the person suffering from an ailment.

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Q2. In homeopathy, which is the more concentrated, a low or a high potency remedy?

In homeopathy, a low potency remedy is the more concentrated. This is based on the principle that the medicine is more effective when its active ingredient is at its lowest concentration such that it cannot cause any harm to the individual. That is why the remedy is prepared in a series of vigorously agitated potentisation.

Q3. What homeopathic remedy might work well for a toddler with a red cheek?

A homeopathic remedy that might work well for a toddler with a red cheek is Chamomile. Chamomile is good for teething children, and this is indicated by a reed cheek meaning that it can be the best remedy.

Q4. Can you name a homeopathic remedy which might be useful for the acute pain from having trapped one's finger in a car door?

A homeopathic remedy that might be useful for the acute pain from having trapped one's finger in a car door might be hypericum. Hypericum is excellent for pains resulting from nerve injuries. When one's finger is trapped such as in this case, the nerves are usually injured leading to acute pain landing on the base of the spine. Therefore, this remedy will heal the pain through healing the nerves.

Q5. Can you think of essential oil which might be of value in hypertension?

An essential oil which might be of value in hypertension would be lemon. Lemon is good for sluggish blood circulation which is the main cause of high blood pressure. Therefore when this oil is used, it will ease sluggish blood circulation and heal hypertension.

Q6. Outline the different methods by which the Bach flower remedies are prepared.

Different methods by which Bach flower remedies are prepared are the sun and boiling. In the sun method, flower heads are placed in bowel, and mineral fresh water added then left in the sun for three hours. Flower energy seeps into the water which is filtered and stored for use. In the boiling method, booms and twigs bearing flowers are boiled for half an hour and filtered to obtain the fluid stored for use.

Q7. A man has recently lost his job, his wife and his children. He complains of just not knowing what to do with his life. What specific is Bach remedy indicated according to this history?

A specific Bach remedy is indicated according to the man's history is Sweet Chestnut. The man is anguished and desperate such that he no longer sees the light at the end of the tunnel and the above remedy would help him regain from distress.

Q8. A sixth-form schoolgirl suffers from severe acne. As a result of this, she has become withdrawn and started to avoid all social contacts with her friends. What specific Bach remedy indicated according to this history?

A specific Bach remedy indicated by the history of the schoolgirl is Crab Apple. Crab Apple is the remedy for self-disgust about the illness which might have led to the girl to feeling withdrawn from social groups.

Q9. Since a professional man made a bad mistake which cost his client several thousand pounds, he has struggled with his job. He finds himself checking and cross-checking and forever asking colleagues for their opinion before making a decision. What specific Bach remedy is indicated according to this history?

A specific Bach remedy indicated according to the history the professional man after the bad mistake is Rock Water. Rock Water heals expectation of perfection which often makes people strive to maintain high and even impossible standards. This is what the man is suffering from after the bad mistake. Thus Rock Water will help him.

Q10. Which is the odd-one-out of the Bach Flower Remedies? Why?

The odd-one-out of the Bach Flower Remedies is those of over-care for the welfare of others. The reason is that whereas Bach Flower Remedies are meant to treat the negative emotional and mental states, this class treats seemingly positive thoughts that make an individual mindful of others. The rest of the remedies treat negative emotional and mental states but those that treat over-care for the welfare of others act by limiting one's over-consciousness for others.

Lesson Two

Q1. When does the aging process begin? Briefly outline what happens in aging.

The aging process begins the moment an individual is born or even when one is conceived. Aging process involves three phases which are the early life, youth and adulthood and later years. During the early life, building and development occur. During the youthful and adulthood phase, consolidation occurs. Finally, during the later years of life, slow degeneration process occurs. The body cells, tissues, and organs begin degenerating until the time one dies.

Q2. Can you describe a current theory which explains much about the aging process?

A current theory which explains much about the aging process is the Free Radical theory. It explains how aging as a result of cells, tissues, and organs being degenerated over time. According to the theory, there is a free radical, which is a molecule with an unpaired electron, produced during every metabolic process. The free radicals destroy and damage enzymes, DNA, fats, and proteins through the process of oxidation. Consequently, cell membranes and tissues lose integrity.

Q3. Do you know of any evidence which suggests that diet can protect against cataract formation?

There is evidence suggesting that diet can protect against cataract formation. According to Christen, Liu, Glynn, Gaziano, and Buring (2008), use of multivitamins lowers the risk of cataract formation. There is evidence that higher intake of vitamins and antioxidants have a protective association with the progression or incidence of cataracts. The diet should consist of food rich in antioxidants such as zeaxanthin, lutein and vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Q4. What do walnuts contain that is thought to be good for the heart?

Walnuts contain vitamin E (a powerful antioxidant) thought to be good for the heart. There is empirical evidence supporting the importance of vitamin E to the heart. For example, according to Meydani (2000), noted that vitamin E potentially slows down development and progression of a heart-related condition known as atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis condition could expose the heart to risks of heart attacks. Vitamin E also supplements prevention of cardiovascular events.

Q5. What are other sources there for this substance?

There are many other sources of vitamin E antioxidant apart from walnuts. Vitamin E is available in almonds and peanuts. It is also available in vegetable oils, soya beans, wheat germ oil, wholemeal grains and leafy vegetables. It is also found in red vegetables including red peppers, carrots, cantaloupe melons, and tomatoes.

Q6. What is supposed to be the best sort of oil for the heart? Explain why.

The best sort of oil for the heart is supposed to be that which is extracted from nuts such as the walnuts. This is because such nuts are rich in vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that is good for the heart. It will help the heart clear harmful oxygen compounds that would accumulate and cause harm.

Q7. Give three advantages of cooking food.

Three advantages of cooking food are breaking down the cellulose of cell walls to release trace elements and minerals into sauces, releasing taste into food and producing food pleasant to the sense of taste. Cellulose is a fiber meaning that it will not be digested in the stomach and thus mineral and trace elements would not be absorbed into the body if it was not cooked to release those nutrients into the sauces.

Q8. Give three disadvantages of cooking food.

There are some disadvantages of cooking food especially herbs. Some of the natural chemicals are denatured or destroyed as their chemical composition changes. This means that when one consumes that food, the intended nutrients are already lost. Also, the trace elements and minerals that leach out into soup may be lost especially when one prepares dry food or pours away the soup. Furthermore, cooking food leads to dehydration is water content is lost.

Q9. Why do you use yeast in bread-making? What process does this involve?

Yeast is used in bread-making because it is an agent that makes the brown sugar to form gases which in turn make the dough expand. This involves a process of fermentation. Yeats initiates a chemical breakdown process that makes sugar to disintegrate releasing effervescence (gases) that expands the dough suitable to make bread.

Q10. Which mineral are plums quite rich in? What value has it in the body?

Plums are quite rich in potassium and beta-carotene. Both minerals have huge value for the body. Potassium plays a role in water balance in the body. It also regulates the acid-alkaline balance. On the other hand, beta-carotene is an antioxidant which can be useful in the anti-aging process as well as prevention of heart problems.

Lesson Three

Q1. In the general management of skin problems, can you name a potential problem with steroidal skin creams?

A potential problem with steroidal skin creams is the suppression of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis. This problem is associated with the application of moderately potent steroidal creams, increase in the steroid penetration, use of steroidal creams under occlusion, application of the cream under large skin surface area and use of higher concentrations (Coondoo, Phiske,Verma & Lahiri, 2014).

Q2. How do hair tonics stimulate hair growth?

Hair tonics stimulate hair growth through supplementation of nutrients such as vitamin C, tannins, and minerals such as calcium, iron and phosphorus that provide nutrition to the hair and make them grow (Banerjee, Sharma & Nema, 2009).

Q3. How can the sex of an individual affect their response to a hair tonic?

Sex of an individual affects the response to hair tonic due to the difference in the hormone set up. For a male, the testosterone hormone inhibits the impact of the hair tonic application leading to weakening effect that substance would have in stimulating hair growth. In women, there are no hormones that play active inhabiting allowing hair tonic to stimulate the growth of hair.

Q4. What rationale is there for advising linseed oil in the treatment of hair problems?

The rationale for advising linseed oil in the treatment of hair problems is the fact that it contains phyto-estrogens which are known to help in stimulating hair growth. Also, Linseed oil has a stimulating effect on the oil activity of the scalp which in turn gives luster to the hair.

Q5. What troublesome side-effect might someone experience after regularly using liquorice root as a tooth-cleansing agent?

A troublesome side effect that one might experience with the regular use of liquorice root as a tooth-cleansing agent is the potential of staining the teeth. As one chews the yellow tissue, the coloration could potentially discolor the teeth of an individual especially is regularly used.

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