Essay Sample: United States and the Refugees Crisis

Published: 2020-06-18
Essay Sample: United States and the Refugees Crisis
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To properly delineate the state of the refugee crisis in the US, I am first obliged to define refugee. A refugee is a person who is compelled from his or her home country due to conflicts, repressions, and catastrophes among others. Such a person is left with no option other than looking for a brand new home in addition to new lives outside his or her original country. To tell the truth, the contemporary world is going through a predicament in a more severe dint of the verity than the in-progress refugee catastrophe is worldwide ('Cost of Vaccinating Refugees Overseas Versus After Arrival in the United States, 2005', 2008). In fact, as a result of the subsisting refugee crisis, I envisage coercion of the United States to admit more refugees into the boundaries of its jurisdiction.

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Factually, the United States accepts a momentous as well as mammoth number of refugees within the precincts of its territory dint on a number of grounds. According to me, it is because of the reality that, US is continually committed to conform to its best tradition of as a land of second chances besides being a beacon of hope. Furthermore, the United States is in a position to permit a large number of refugees basing on the fact that it has an immense fiscal capacity to support the inundating populace of refugees ('Suicide Awareness Needed for Bhutan Refugees in United States', 2013). I attribute this to the fact that the United States thrives on a resilient, first world economy. In my thorough and intricate research into the ambit of knowledge, I divulged the robust economy gives US an upper hand in facilitating more refugees than any other country on the globe. My sentiment can be confirmed by that of John Kerry, the United States Secretary of State. He once asserted that, the United States has a supplemental budget that enables it raise the number of refugees admissible to the nation to the tune of 100000 per year.

Furthermore, I discovered that the United States is usually obliged to agree to take an assortment of refugees into its territory following the global refugees crisis. The majority of these refugees as I observe, originate from Syria, other Middle East countries over and above a glut of African countries. More so, I learnt that majority of these refugees flee to the European countries creating enormous pressure on UKs fiscal resources. Consequently, the United Nations has requested the United States to accommodate some of the refugees as a way of offsetting the pressure that is being experienced by the European countries due the influx of innumerable refugees into their countries.

Moreover, I have noted a number of nations which been failing refugees. As such, this has compelled refugees to some of the enunciated steps ('The United States: Halcyon days in a year of crisis', 2008). First is the persecution that forces refugees to run out of their homes; what happens to the refugees after they have fled out of their homes; and the fact that refugees also face a glut of challenges in their new destined nations. In fact, due to the above-mentioned challenges, I think the United States has opined it best that it should accept more refugees in a bid to ameliorate the immense and hurtful challenges glaring at the refugees.

I have significantly noted that in coming up with the above enunciated information; a few challenges were obviously encountered. Some of these challenges were associated with lack of coherence of information amongst the diversity of peered reviewed articles consulted, insufficiency of resources to turn to, regarding the question under consideration. This is on top of the fact that the articles did not divulge in-depth details as regards to the issues being investigated.


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