Article Review Essay Sample: Underreporting Makes Notario Fraud Challenging to Fight by Lorelei Laird

Published: 2022-09-12
Article Review Essay Sample: Underreporting Makes Notario Fraud Challenging to Fight by Lorelei Laird
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The article talks about cases of notario frauds that have not been reported that lead to difficulties in fighting such type of white-collar crime. The lawyers vexed with the duty of fighting fraud of legal immigration services have a hard job determining the case because they lack information and accurate data about the services because there are extreme cases of underreporting. Various reasons lead to the underreporting of immigration cases, and these include the fact that the law governing immigration is complex and, in most cases, takes a lot of time for implementation to take place. It is likely to take a victim a whole year or several months to recognize that they were cheated on one of their operations such that even if they realize it, it is either too late to trace back or they are too embarrassed to begin following up the case. The operations of these dishonest immigration consultants become hard to fight because people may not realize them in time.

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The article describes how Tanisha Bowens, the director of ABA's Commissions on Immigration has been working diligently to study the problem of notario fraud and she also led a panel that helped to colic fraud data. She states that the big problem that hinders fighting these forms of white-collar crimes is because people are afraid to come forward and report the cases which are as a result of the immigration climate (Laird, 2018). A potential solution that would be useful in ensuring that services fight the notario fraud is by making the victims of these crimes more comfortable to report their cases. The piece also states the findings of a PhD student by the name Juan who indicates that there are higher chances of complaints in the event where people have more access to legal aid and also in the regions where the majority of Hispanic families receive food stamps. Contrary to the usual ways, he also found out that there were fewer complaints in areas where more deportations took place, and there was a more significant local support to the candidates involved. The article is straight to the point and reasons out the ideas of these great people that tried to explain the events of notario frauds and the ways that it can be addressed well.

Juan, as stated in the article also shows that his findings are not a perfect reflection of the actual fraud rates. The fact that they are on the increase shows that people need to be careful about reporting every single cheating that they may have experienced at one time so that the law deals with such cases better. The lawyers require more information to prosecute the people engaging in this type of white-collar crime. Juan says that the findings reflect the different trust levels in the government (Laird, 2018). A lot of cases are not yet reported which shows that people have no trust for the government that plays its role in immigration. People need to have legal immigration status because they are at risk of getting deported if they try voicing their concerns on immigration frauds.

Notario fraud is not at all right and cases of fraud should be reported. Reporting helps the investigation departments for law enforcement to crack down on the fraud and enforce the necessary penalties for the individuals involved in the crime. Reporting these cases also helps to prevent immigrants from getting victimized. These people notice that they got cheated some time later after the services are delivered to them, and they may find it unnecessary to go back and report the case. These frauds involve victimization of the victims and saying the instances may ensure that no more people are victimized. Another importance of reporting is that it hugely saves money. The event of these frauds is that in most cases, the victims end up paying more than it was required and they spend more people for the service delivery hoping that the next person to serve them will complete the job. It is wrongful to extort money from the public especially if the institution belongs to the government. Reporting also helps in highlighting the significant problems of immigration fraud both nationally and locally. It also helps to elevate the awareness of the importance of preventing crimes for the sake of the government decision-makers so that they also propose better laws and other prevention programs for implementation.

This is a societal case because it influences quite many individuals in a society and the people that commit the crime are within the community. In most cases, notario frauds are as a result of factors that are extending beyond the control of an individual. Immigration cases are as a result of factors that these individuals cannot control which becomes the conflicting opinion on the perception of societal order.

The event affects me in many ways as I imagine the consequences that may result from fraud cases. An individual Being afraid to state that they got sometimes robbed back shows that they do not trust any processes that could lead to a reverse of the situations. Furthermore, they already know that it is unnecessary to claim what they lost since they may never get it back. Nationally, if immigration institutions continue being involved in notario frauds, it results in economic decline because the public may suffer losses concerning the money that they would have used to take care of other necessities.

There are various social and economic impacts of notario frauds that include lack of quality services to the public. In a system where frauds are prevalent, an individual is demanded to pay more for quality services. There is also lack of proper justice in the society and in the event where no reporting happens, then the process of investigation may go on for a long time making it ineffective to receive services from these institutions.

The social impacts of these frauds include the disregard for officials where when people visit the immigration service department, they already know that a particular official may not offer the necessary service if there are no monetary benefits involved. People tend to lose respect for the significant officials because they do not seem to do anything to change situations no matter the complaints they get. People also lack faith and trust in government institutions and prefer private companies for services. The public should be aware of notario cases in the immigration department and report immediately they notice that inappropriate means were used to serve them.


Laird L., (May 2018), Underreporting makes notario fraud difficult to fight, ABA Journal.

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