Essay Sample on Key Messages of the IOM Report

Published: 2023-03-21
Essay Sample on Key Messages of the IOM Report
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IOM formed a committee to come up with a report that shows ways in which nurses can improve their work in the future. The reason was that nurses were experiencing barriers when trying to deal with the dynamic healthcare system. The panel came up with four messages. First, nurses should be in a position to practice thoroughly taught in school; all nurses should go through a higher-level education foundation, through a better school system that enables continuous scholastic training. Again, nurses should be at the forefront of redesigning the health care in the country together with doctors and all the other healthcare personnel. Lastly, they emphasized proper data acquisition and information foundation for successful workforce planning and rules-making (IOM, 2011).

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Significance of the Four Messages of IOM Report to Nursing Practice

Due to practice regulations that vary from state to state, it is usually hard for nurses to put some of the things they learn in school into practice without getting in trouble. Some of these things help the nurses to come up with innovative ideas to conform to the changing medical care system. The report suggests the reduction and changing of the policies and regulations to enable nurses to come up with more ideas that benefit the patient without a lot of limitations. The report also suggested the need for a better education system that incorporated more aspects of patient care, including ethnicity and the distinct needs of the patients. Also, it encourages teamwork and shows the need for continuous learning. With this, the nurses can provide the best care to the patients. The teamwork message is critical in the nursing profession. Nurses should know that they are part of a large team. They should not work alone. Success in inpatient care is highly dependent on what each health care professional does to the patient and how these actions connect. Lastly, organization, policymaking and storage of information are essential to the success of any organization (IOM, 2011). For instance, nurses need to know the number of professionals in the hospital, what role they are playing, and the time of working so that all fields are covered well. Also, the storage of patient information to ensure subsequent treatment without contradictions

Influence of IOM Report on Nursing Education and Leadership

The report shows the importance of making leadership programs that allow nurses to impact change and improve health care by coming up with innovative ideas for nursing education and their professional wellbeing. The report also tells nurses the importance of interdisciplinary participation of health professions in inpatient car. When more nurses obtain their degree, they are in a better position to engage side by side with the members of the other disciplines and come up with ideas (IOM, 2011).

Opportunities Available for BSN-Prepared Nurses

A BSN prepared nurse is a nurse who has gone through four years of training to obtain a degree in nursing. This training comes with different benefits. For instance, a BSN prepared nurse can provide better patient outcomes due to the extensive training that enables them to have a broader perspective of the profession. The nurses also have a better understanding of the role of economics, culture, and politics in inpatient care. BSN preparation also increases the career opportunity for the nurses. They earn a better salary that motivates them to do their work, they enjoy better job security, and they open them to more career paths (Cochran, 2017).

Role of Nursing Care in Aging and Increasingly Diverse Population

The population of older adults in the United States has been increasing. It is subject to get to 22 % by the year 2040 as compared to 14.1% in the year 2014. Aging comes with different chronic diseases that need management. To successfully manage to age, the nurse should focus on creating awareness on the behavioral changes that accompany aging, drug-drug interaction, and side effects of medication, relieving pain, and other symptoms. Nurses should also be in a position to provide home-based care for old patients since most of them cannot do basic things for themselves. For instance, they need help with physical exercises, diet, meal preparation and planning, organization of pills, and blood pressure tests. It is not necessarily the work of a nurse to do all the things, but it is their work to provide information and training to the caregivers (Johansson et al., 2016).

Significance of Nursing Professional Development and Its Relevance in Caring for Diverse Populations

The medical care system is continuously changing with the change in people's lifestyles and activities. Health strategies developed in the past might not be useful in making the current health care situations due to changes in economics, politics, and personal life decisions. Continuous learning and career advancement are, therefore, essential. Nurses should be able to learn how to cope with newly discovered diseases and conform to all the changes since nursing is directed at successful patient care.

How Can Nurses Help in Successfully Dealing with Patient Care Within the Growing Medical Care System?

Nurses can help adequately in managing patient care in the changing system through continuous learning to be aware of the current trends, taking part in research, and also changing things policies to allow innovation and bringing new ideas in to play that benefit the patients.


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