Essay Sample: Two Leaders Who Represent El Paso in Texas Senate

Published: 2023-04-20
Essay Sample: Two Leaders Who Represent El Paso in Texas Senate
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Fort Bend is represented in the Texas Senate by several elected leaders. One of the key leaders is Sen. Joan Huffman, a Republican, who was elected in 2008 as the Texas Senate District 17 representative (Texas Senate, 2019). SD 17 includes Fort Bend, Brazoria, and Harris counties. Another leader who represents Fort Bend in Texas Senate is Lawrence A. Allen who was elected to the State Board of Education to represent District 4. (TEA, 2019a). In SBOE, District 4 comprises of Harris and partly Fort Bend counties in Texas. It is important to note that in SBOE, Fort Bend in also represented by Matt Robinson as a member for District 7 (TEA, 2019b).

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About Huffman's Political Leadership

It is important to note that Huffman has achieved significant leadership milestones for the people of Fort Bend and Texas at large. Huffman is known for her common-sense approach too leadership. She has a passion for helping those in need. Before her election to the Texas Senate, she served as the lead prosecutor and judge in Harris county.

As the SD 17 representative, Huffman has been elected four times and has served in different capacities in the Senate. Huffman is currently the President Pro Tempore and heads the Senate Redistricting Committee (Texas Senate, 2019). Her leadership has focused mainly on state affairs, criminal justice, and public finance. Her political leadership approach, which has been essential for children, women, and marginalized people, aligns with my political beliefs. The initiatives by Huffman to assist in solving the Texans' problems is a move that I strongly support.

Moreover, Huffman has strongly championed issues relating to effective budgeting of the Senate's finance, criminal justice, state affairs, and redistricting to foster effective service delivery, which is major concerns in Texas (Texas Senate, 2019). I believe that other leaders should emulate Huffman's approach and focus on the key issues in Texas and establish comprehensive long-term solutions.

Nevertheless, Huffman should consider other policy-related areas to enhance the experience of people living in Texas. The 2019 review of the challenges facing the region showed that immigration and insecurity remain top problems (Texas Politics, 2020). Huffman, through the support of other representatives, should reevaluate the implementation process and frameworks associated with the bills previously passed in the senate.


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