Free Essay on Creating an Action Plan to Reduce Discrimination and Prejudice among LGBT Students

Published: 2022-08-22
Free Essay on Creating an Action Plan to Reduce Discrimination and Prejudice among LGBT Students
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From an individual perspective, the issues of discrimination and prejudice among LGBT students could be addressed in the following ways. The first way is promoting mutual respect between students from different backgrounds. Another way is forming an anti-discrimination policy in college and asking students to support it. Another way is encouraging students to speak up if they observe a discriminative behavior. The last way is identifying individuals who engage in discriminatory behavior and taking stern actions against them. The following is my proposed action plan on how to handle these problems.

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Action Plan

Focus Area: Prejudice and Discrimination of LGBT Students

Objectives Responsible individuals Measures of success Timeline
Promoting mutual respect


College staff

Community leaders 40% of the students begin to understand and respect each other irrespective of their background. November
Formation of anti-discriminatory policy College staff The existence of anti-discrimination policy in the school rules. November
Communication among students

College president

Director of student affairs

Students are opening up and speaking their mind concerning the problem. November
Identifying discriminators


College president

Director of student affairs

Community leaders

The students and the university staff have presented those involved in the act.

20% of the discriminatory individuals including the townspeople have been issued with warning against discrimination.


Chapter 6

Exercise 1: Network Analysis Examine one of your social networks (face to face or online).

1. Create a chart that illustrates the diversity of your network. Include at least ten dimensions of diversity, such as social class, race, age, personality type, job function, and so on.

2. In what ways are you network diverse? In what ways does it lack diversity? Explain.

My social network is Twitter. According to this social network, Age, education, and occupation dominate the diversity of the network. However, the race appears to be the least diversity in my social network. Considering age and education, many people I interact with are my peers whom we have met in high school and college. I also communicate with a lot of people with different occupations ranging from politicians, lawyers, athletes, doctors, economists, accountants, engineers, and many other professionals. Simply put, my network is diverse based on education, age and occupation because I have various things in common with individuals falling in this category. It lacks diversity in the race because I do not have a lot of things in common with individuals from different races.

3. Are the ties in this network of yours primarily strong or weak? Explain.

I think that the ties in my Twitter social network are weak because it involves gender, marital status, and origin. Interaction based on these three diversities mainly focus on social life events. However, I am not active in following such events and posting my social status. Instead, I am often interested in following political and business situations on Twitter, and that is why my diversity is strong on occupation, education, and age.

4. What interpersonal resources, or social capital, do you derive from this network?

The interpersonal resources or social capital I derive from this network Include shared identity, norms, and values.

5. How might you enhance the diversity of your network?

Firstly, I might enhance the diversity of my network by following people from different races. Secondly, I would stay connected and be active in the social network. Lastly, I would ensure that I stay updated with the current news and also share my thoughts on subjects of concern.

Chapter 7

I currently belong to team leadership, creativity and productivity group. This group aims to inspire creativity and innovation in different projects. However, it can be noted that conflict is inevitable in every team work. Although uneven communication, personality clashes, mistrust and conflict over opinions may occur, designing appropriate solution approaches may help. In this case, my group members and I will manage the problem by ensuring that effective communication is observed. Interacting efficiently and understanding each other may create trust, hence, solving the conflict.

Chapter 8

Exercise 2

Questions to Determine Leadership Styles

  1. Do you command or direct the employees on what needs to be done?
  2. Do you supervise the staff's work regularly to evaluate their progress and learning?
  3. How often do you hold a periodic meeting with the staff and the employees to discuss the mission and policy of the organization?
  4. What measures do you take to solve a conflict that arises in the organization?
  5. Do you recognize the staff achievement with encouragement?
  6. Is your relationship with the subordinate staff strong?
  7. If an employee makes a mistake, do you correct him or her?
  8. Are you always interested in explaining how things should or should not be done?
  9. How do you evaluate your staff?
  10. Do you avoid making premature judgments about someone's idea?


Authoritarian leader:1, 2, 8, 7, 9

Democratic leader:3, 4, 5, 6, 10

Chapter 9

Exercise 2: Classroom for All

Communication skills

It is the ability to convey and share ideas effectively. It enables the students to communicate effectively with their peers and lecturers. and creative thinking skills

These skills enable students to adopt productive and intentional thinking. They enable one to become a great problem-solver. skills

These are skills needed for a person to work in a group. Involving in teamwork builds confidence in students. It also strengthens their relationship with others. Skills

Every student needs to show leadership skills by communicating effectively, being open-minded, and develop positive thinking. By developing leadership skills, the students can have an easy time for learning new ideas since they will have the capacity to interact with people outside their classroom. Ability to learn new things is the foundation of knowledge and education.

Problem-solving skills

Problem-solving is an essential aspect of education. The ability helps the student to think critically and develop effective ways of overcoming challenges in school.

Flexibility and Adaptability skills

Flexibility and adaptability skills will enable the student to adapt to changing learning environment. An adaptable student can learn independently or enjoy being in a team.

Social-networking skills

These skills help the students to build and maintain a productive relationship with the colleagues. These skills enhance student success because they enable those who are not confident meeting with people physically to ask questions through social media.

Conflict Management Skill

This skill enables the student to design proper ways of solving disagreements. It is essential for the success of the student because it builds maturity and creates a peaceful learning environment.

Self-assessment skills

Self-evaluation skill enables the students to judge themselves appropriately by determining their strengths and weaknesses.

Social responsibility and ethics

Social responsibility and ethics skills help the students to develop moral behaviors to avoid indiscipline cases in school. Such capabilities enable the students to perform well academically because they will create a conducive environment for learning.

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