Free Essay on the Threats of Overpopulation on Humanity and the Planet

Published: 2019-11-04
Free Essay on the Threats of Overpopulation on Humanity and the Planet
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Overpopulation is a concept that implies that the planets resources are becoming too scarce to support the growing number of people. Overpopulation is a major threat as it hinders economic growth and underdeveloped countries should put up strategies to reduce rates of population increase. In the developed countries, the issues of environmental deterioration, crime and pollution would be easier to control if the growth rate was to be reduced. Overpopulation is seen as a principal source and barrier to solving social problems and not social institutes. The impact of humanity on the planet combines the three elements: the pattern of consumption, numbers and how we obtain what we consume. Massive poverty and essential goods unmet demand is a broad issue insignificant portion of the poor world and despite everything, we still have consumption bomb. The growing demand for life necessities and consumers goods are the reason for drastic climate change and the exhaustion of soils, water, and various vital planetary life-emotionally supportive networks,

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Alongside quick population growth rate come dangerous ecological issues. Rapid population growth contributes to each threat to the ecosystem. Overpopulation is the foundation of deteriorations in the environment, for example, devastations of rainforests, ozone layer depletion, and global warming global warming are the rise in the planet's temperatures as a result of emission of large amounts of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. Human activities, including breathing, results in the emission of these gasses making the Earth warm up gradually. With the increase in the human population, more space is needed for them to occupy. To meet the demand, down many trees without new ones being planted. Deforestation is a major problem in itself as it cause the extinction of species. It is known that every year 10,000-17,500 types of plants, mammals, birds and reptiles become extinct. The main reason for the decline in vertebrates is the human devastation of old forests, chaparral, and other habitats. Pollution increment is an undeniable issue that will rise undoubtedly because of overpopulation. People also will be making more autos. Thus, with more autos the more contamination there is.

Crime is a more negative impact that overpopulation has on the world. In the next decades, many young people will be moving to the urban areas in search of education and employment. New jobs have to be created for the rising population. This is not easy, and it will add up to the existing unemployment and underemployment. This, in turn, will lead to mass poverty as many people will not be able to provide the basic needs for their family. Juvenile crimes and child labour are attributed to poverty as children try to find other survival means. Additionally, overpopulation puts a strain on resources meant for development in developing countries. With water shortages, tension ensues which can break into wars. Starvation becomes a major issue, and the mortality rate rises. Overpopulation plays a role in political instability. The government is unable to sustain the growing population, and this can make people agitated posing a threat to the nation's security.

In conclusion, overpopulation is a legitimate threat to the planet. Depletion of resources, destruction of the wild and poverty will eventually lead to underdevelopment in a country. Its adverse effects bring us to the realization of the need to control it. The existing population cannot be destroyed, but efforts should be made to control overpopulation. The most effective ways of slowing growth include girls child education, womens rights advancement, increasing reproductive health services and widening access to family planning.

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