Free Essay Example - David Hewson

Published: 2023-03-21
Free Essay Example - David Hewson
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Using his ability, as well as, the U2, Hewson has shown interest in the fight against social injustices subjected to the poor. He has established several initiatives to champion his cause. At a time when celebrities in the music industry mainly focus on fame and enriching themselves, David Hewson distinguished himself by directing his resources to help the less fortunate in society. For instance, he is the co-founder of one, which is a global movement campaign concerned with ending extreme poverty and preventable diseases to ensure everyone leads a life of dignity and opportunity (Ellen, 2016). He has contributed directly and indirectly in the activities of movement primarily through lobbying heads of state and government and legislators to pass and fund policies and programs which have helped save millions of lives in the past decade.
Besides, Hewson seems to realize that the poor who are the majority in the world suffer most in regards to disease infection and control. Moreover, the funds and other resources set aside to take care of disease prevention and treatment end up in the pockets of the greedy and corrupt leaders (Ellen, 2016). Thus, Hewson founded the product RED, which partners with other brands to raise public awareness about HIV/AIDS. In one of his endeavors to source for charity funds, said that addressing the HIV/AIDS epidemic would have been at the center of Christ's mission, thus funding it would be continuing the work of Jesus to the economically challenged people. To date, through the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Malaria, and TB, RED has raised millions of dollars to enable the prevention and treatment of AIDS in Africa. By engaging in these charitable activities, Bono has demonstrated care and shown love to the less fortunate by helping them to lead decent lives.

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Furthermore, in the realization that the less fortunate in society are rarely empowered economically, he has come up with initiatives and organizations to ensure that such people can engage in trading activities that can improve their living conditions without necessarily depending on foreign aid. For instance, Hewson, together with his wife, founded a fashion brand namely EDUN that aimed at promoting positive change in Africa through trade as opposed to direct aid (Ellen, 2016). According to Ellen (2016), the already established fashion brand, allowed for the creation of other initiatives that offer financial and entrepreneurial support to trading groups in Africa in efforts to develop sustainable businesses for them.

Besides, to facilitate the alleviation of poverty in the world's poorest countries, he has influenced governments and huge corporations to forgive the debts of such countries. As a result, these countries can channel their financial resources to other activities that can improve the living standards of their people. For example, these resources could be used to provide basic needs such as healthcare, food, education and healthcare. Therefore, Bono's message is critical as it cuts across all generations giving the strength to endure in every situation.


Ellen, M. (2016). "Bono: I Will Follow. Why U2's Bono is one of the World's Greatest Leaders." Retrieved from

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