Theology Essay Sample

Published: 2019-08-15
Theology Essay Sample
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Poverty is among the list of the greatest challenges that are facing the global community due to the massive population of people living below the poverty line. It is among the numerous social issues that require urgent address such as war, terrorism, drug abuse, and environmental conservation. To improve the situation, the Catholic fraternity has taken a significant role in promoting solidarity and encouraging people to value and respect who they are as individuals regardless of their social and cultural backgrounds. These efforts are in a quest to curb numerous instances of inequality in the community and to restore the culture of solidarity.

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Solidarity is a fundamental social virtue that bonds people together regardless of their social backgrounds. The appreciation and acceptance of our social nature are as a result of the bond we share as humanity. The topic of solidarity is important because it promotes an environment in which mutual understanding is highly encouraged hence ensuring that human rights are respected and nurtured. We should recognize and accept the duties and obligations embedded in our social nature which can occur only in an environment enlivened by solidarity. Without solidarity, the natural unity of humanity will decline, and marginalized people will suffer several ills of oppression and social alienation by the superior communities.

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My positive message of solidarity is that people should embrace each other regardless of their social, economic, and cultural backgrounds and live together as one big unified global community. We should consider each other as brothers and sisters rather than neighbors. According to Saint John Paul II, We are one extended global family. We should build a community that empowers everyone to realize their maximum potential through respecting each others dignity and make the world a better place to live, (St.John Paul II, 2003). As a result of this commercial, I want to see different communities living in peace and make the world a better place for everyone. This desire will be achieved by promoting peace, especially in the war-infested countries. People should adopt alternative ways of solving their differences amicably through dialogue, cohesion, and reconciliation rather than engaging in dubious means such as mass actions to settle their conflicts.

The most important point of solidarity is that people consider each other as brothers and sisters and help to maintain human dignity through assisting each other. The book of Deuteronomy says, "Open your arms to the poor and needy neighbor in your land," (Deuteronomy, 15:11). Therefore, as humans, we should not turn a blind eye to our fellow humans who are in need of our assistance. Instead, we should always be at the forefront in assisting the needy people in the society and uplift them to realize their potentials. For instance, the less fortunate communities that live in the deserts are faced with numerous challenges due to the harsh climatic conditions of the dry lands. We should not isolate them but support them both socially and economically to uplift their living standards. This has been achieved by several NGOs through educating them about desert farming. Thus, more organizations should join the solidarity campaign and play a significant part in transforming the global community.

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