Essay Sample: Group Least Likely to Abuse Drugs

Published: 2023-04-12
Essay Sample: Group Least Likely to Abuse Drugs
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Younger adolescents are least likely to be involved in drug abuse because of lack of their exposure and also because of most of them are still under the direct care of their parents and someone responsible in their lives. They also have a lot of the foundation words and knowledge they were told about and thus it is easier for them to stay out of the act.

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Religion and Religiosity and their influence on Drug Abuse

Religion tends to shape the way adolescents view drug and substance abuse and thus the more one is religious the more they are likely to avoid the same. The study showed that religion is spread among the white adolescents more as compared to black kids though the number of white adolescents abusing drugs is higher compared to the black kids. The study also found that religion has a small considerable impact on black adolescents as some of them still abuse these drugs despite them attending and listening to the doctrines of different religions.

Family Structure and Drug Abuse

Family structure has been found to affect adolescent drug and substance use as per the results obtained after the study was conducted. The cases reported of adolescents who were badly hit by drug and substance abuse were from those who were from single parents while those from the normal functional family had fewer cases of drug and substance abuse. The explanation behind this is that adolescents from both parents have enough care and love from their parents and have little that can propel them to substance abuse. The adolescents from single parents on the other hand lack that care and scrutiny from the parents figure and thus are more likely to be involved in drugs.

Group More Likely to Abuse Drugs

Older adolescents starting from about 16 are likely to use drugs because of the amount of exposure they get from their friends and the outside world. It is also and this stage that deviance and all the other factors such as peer pressure factor in and influence their decisions.

How the Opioid Crisis Decimated the American Workforce

The opioid crisis crippled the American Workforce in a great way. The workers were so addicted to the use of drugs that affected the quality of their work and their productivity. Employers, there have to undergo a lot of stress to ensure that their employees are drug-free and that they can concentrate and do commendable job worth producing results. Some employers have come up with programs to help in the recovery of these drug addicts.

Some employers have suffered a lot of losses from their only source of livelihood as their employees were not consistent towards their production. They would get paid and go to look for the next dose of drugs to satisfy their urge for the drugs. Some employees were even so notorious that they go the extent of stealing from their employers to get the money to get these drugs. It is a serious problem that led to their sacking at their previous jobs. They would steal the money for drugs and even forgot about the basic needs of life. It became so hard for them to get jobs once sacked from the ones they had because of the bad reputation they created.

As a result of drug abuse, most of them spend life in prison because of the use and peddling of these drugs. Some employers had to move and look for labour elsewhere if their businesses were to flourish. The ones who remained came up with correctional facilities and programs to facilitate the recovery of these employees from drug use. Opioid has destroyed the workforce of the American people.

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