The Truth Behind Demagoguery, Essay Example for Everyone

Published: 2022-04-20
The Truth Behind Demagoguery, Essay Example for Everyone
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The demagoguery approach is where the democratic leaders use their popularity to exploit the marginalized and the vulnerable people in society by shutting down the logical reasoning for their political gain. On the other hands, fallacious approach entails the use of false and faulty thinking in the most constructing argument which is deceptive and made to appear better than they are in the hypothetical state. These concepts employed by the influential leaders to exercise their ill political intentions to exploit the people. According to Patricia Roberts-Miller's "Democracy, Demagoguery and Critical Rhetoric" offers a perception which focuses on the diverging and polarizing the propaganda by the demagogues to undercut the appropriate democratic deliberations to fully explore on their weaknesses for their gain and hence a topic of discussion in current academic setups. Miller's further asserts that the massive exploitation and manipulating of the people ideas is a polarizing abandonment of rhetoric's as the discipline to offer a platform to harmonies the urgent situations in the society. The in-groups and the out-groups in the society are often subjected to the demagoguery rhetoric by the demagoguery politicians.

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In comparison to the press conference by Wayne LaPierre on the national school shield program following the Newton's, Connecticut shooting, the article depicts demagoguery and fallacies society suffering in the hands of the powerful leaders who opt to manipulate the nation from their state power and authority. Apparently, the politicians pass laws for the gun free school zone which seem to be the good approach to curb brutal killings in the school environment with ill intention to protect the killers like Newton's. On the other hand, Roberts-Miller states that the development of hatred is formed by demagogues, through the concept of scapegoating towards out groups. She displays the fact that "scapegoating has been usefully defined as 'denial through projection'" (Roberts-Miller 464). In Wayne LaPierre press conference reveals there are maiming and killing of the public and the politicians seem not concerned on nature and the circumstances affecting the society. The National Rifle Association refrains from giving comments to the family under grief and pain following the loss, while other politicians are using this tragedy for their political gains but used to subject the people to suffering. The priority of the nation is to protect the properties such as the airports, office buildings, sports stadiums with the heavily guarded firearm, on the other hand abandoning the innocent and susceptible members of the American people. This state depicts an extreme demagoguery approach by the stage leader to inflict tormenting emotions on the defenseless members of the society to the monstrous predation of the brutal killers in the society. This school of thought according to Miller, " this tendency seems relatively harmless, but from the social psychologist's point of view, the degree of the demagoguery approach has a more significant contribution the racism and the stereotypic situation in the society.

As portray Millers, the neglect and extensive use of propaganda is the sole source of the discrimination, racism, unequal rights and crime often experience in the entire society. Unfortunately, the out-group formed to inflict sense into the people, following the demagoguery thinking and discussion by many of the politicians render them demoralized ad filed with the negative thought which automatically marks this group as negative. Outstandingly, Wayne LaPierre press conference tends to comprehend and sensitizes the public on the danger which lies ahead regarding the planned attacks and those which are already identified by the killers. In contradiction, the demagoguery approach envisioned when the press and the media give more attention to the criminal activities. This tends to provoke the others into such criminal acts. Thee absolute fallacy is well-intentioned ideas to manipulated by the senior political wing plan and orchestrate the killings in the society. Significantly, the authority is professed to avail the abandonment registered on the essential aspect of the culture like security is a signal to the conspiracy of the politician's by employing their demagoguery approach by Miller to attain their political gains in the society.

According to Patricia Roberts-Miller's "Democracy, Demagoguery and Critical Rhetoric," applies the lens of social psychology, to counter the demagoguery arguments by the powerful politician in the society. Miller affirms that people often get frightened and act differently when subjected to certain prompting situations rendering them misunderstood and associated with the harmful inhabitants. The social psychological approach positioned the susceptible and marginalized people in the society at a better status to counter the unconstructive acts. The polarization as portrayed by Miller entails failing to take sides by offering the different concrete approach to issues often ignored by the demagogues. Conversely, polarization evidenced when an individual receives a party and fails to join the rest; this results in the formation of the different groups such as the in grouped and the out-groups which offer their point of view. As seen in the Wayne LaPierre, press conference indicates two groups the senior politicians and the marginalized people in the society who continuously oppose one another. These individuals fight one another on the measures appropriate to curb the brutal killings in the community. Also, from the press statement, the federal gun prosecution has dropped tremendously despite the escalating crime incidences experienced in the recent past. The decline in the willingness to prosecute the lethal criminals, frequently trigger the terrorist attacks, hurricane, human made disaster and provides platform and recipe for violence and victimization. Form the miller's point of view, the demagogues intentionally avails an inconsistent state and thrives in it for their political gain.

Roberts-Miller's article on the Nazi terrorists and the bush times acknowledged that "Demagogues occasionally choose out-group against whom they have legitimate grievances, but then attribute all ills to that group"(Roberts-Miller 465). Similarly, the Miller' lens directly mirrored in Wayne LaPierre; press conference portrays several groups of all sorts of organized terrorist in existence for as long as ten years. There terrorist are made famous by the media by the nature of description accorded to them such as "Bullet Storm, ""Kindergarten Killers, Mortal Combat, and "Splatter house.", Such imagery supply the terrorist with needed propaganda and the framework needed to continue terrorizing the public. At this point, the people continue to suffer because the demagogues cooperate with law enforcers to ignore but instead keep into existence the outlawed gangs with the fallacies by the powerful politicians. In contradiction the demagogues in collaboration with the media attach these terrorist to the recognized aspects of the society such as entertainment. Notably, this fallacy portrayed in this article tends to confuse the public by merging crime, pornography to music and entertainment which often perceived positively in the society. The Roberts-Millers depicts fallacy as a tool used by the demagogues in power to show the meaningless statements and opinions look decisive and accurate, as seen in the press statement by Wayne LaPierre. Wayne pointed out that for the demagogues to continue enjoying their stature by manipulating their subjects base on the position and power envisage on them the concept put forward by Miller is relevant in the day to day life.

The weakness in demagoguery and the fallacies rhetoric is a common potential contrivance which has been employed by many politicians in maneuvering their way to gaining the political fame to the detriment of the others. According to the Wayne LaPierre, the concept of demagoguery quite complicated to eradicate, the press statement pointed out most politicians and the fortunate business vendors lacks the appropriate powers and ability to protect the others from such harm experienced. The National Rifle Association in the Wayne LaPierre article acknowledges lack of enough trained and qualified professionals in conjunction with the active, retired police and military, security professionals to join hands in devising a protection plan for every citizen.

Roberts-Miller's article, therefore, reflects a direct implication of the demagoguery strength as a conventional device employed by the powerful politicians with the enormous negative impact inflicted on the people. On the other hand, the effect of the fallacies and rhetoric overturn the truth in the society, thereby subjecting its members to a realm of pain, atrocities, and economic imbalances.

In the current society, demagoguery practices often experienced in the day to day life. On different accounts, the author provides several historical examples which relate to the exploitation of susceptible members by the demagogues based on the immense increase of fallacies with the plan to present factious opinions to look factual and truthful. By considering the case of Osama Bin Laden's list of grievances towards the US, which link legitimate complaints and scapegoating among the less fortunate Americans. Alternatively, the rhetoric of Saddam Hussein in Bush administration indicates that all his activities scattered his illegal activities together with scapegoating for the 9/11 terror attack on the World Trade Center. Roberts-Miller also affirms the effectiveness of demagoguery to the people. Miller explains that the simple way to help solve the demagoguery situation is to make the people understand the concepts of excluding out-group which acts as a source of encouragement of in-groups. The author presents a statement on Nazism and argues that "people who feel helpless and insecure are 'ready to submit to new authorities who offer security and relief' that relief is precisely demagogues' offer" (Roberts-Miller 465).

According to Nazism provides an insight on the how the politicians practically apply the demagoguery motives and why it is essential and relevant to leaders. The pioneer proponents such Hitler expertly used this approach and rose to power instantly. Roberts-Miller explains Hitler's power, compounded demagoguery scheme of commitment and conformity to kill, maim and injure the vulnerable members of the society for the sake of power (Roberts-Miller 466). Such mindset pushed Hitler to seize control because the people were so influenced by the demagoguery that they ended up supporting him incredibly fast, this reflects how much demagoguery has an absolute influence in the society, and the dangers imposed on the people when implemented.

In conclusion, Roberts-Miller successfully pointed that the polarization and demagoguery approaches are a determined way of escalating to power by manipulating the opinions of the vulnerable people in the society. Wayne LaPierre press conference encompasses the Burke's idea of "identification and division" which breeds hatred, stereotypes, discrimination and negative interpretation among the people. On the other hand, Roberts-Miller article also reflects a multitude of fallacies as a way to maintaining the status quo and relevancy in the political realm" (Roberts-Miller 467). Also, the in-depth analysis reveals a demagoguery is a common form of manipulative approach often appealed by most politicians to worsen the personality and behavior of the people. It is entirely imperative for the ruling class to underscore the effects of polarization, and rhetoric fallacies and their negatives implication in the society.


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