Essay Example: Frantz Fanon's CV

Published: 2019-11-25
Essay Example: Frantz Fanon's CV
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The Wretched of the Earth is a manifesto by Frantz Fanon on decolonization and was specifically dedicated to the Algerians who were seeking their independence from France. Fanon vividly exposes the many problems of the certain paths taken towards decolonization. In the books first section the author argue that the only solution to the recurrent problems of decolonization could only be realized through an uprising of violence from the masses. He arrives at this conclusion through the definition of colonial society as a compartmentalized, or a Manichean, society,-a world that has been divided not two. The bad is pitted against the good, the dark against the white, the poor against the rich, humane whites against evil niggers and towel-hands. The populations lurking division creates a huge tension that cannot simply be ignored. Fanon critically reasons that violence is actually the only language that is understood by a colonialist society.

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Additionally, Fanon ridicules the notion of independence that is formal which has been granted through handovers that are peaceful and means that are more moderate. The author makes the Gramscian observation that the elements of colonization which definitely change as a result of the tables of negotiation are formalities. After colonization, Fanon sees that the national bourgeoisie fill the posts that were once reserved for the colonialists that are from within the ranks of the parties. Through the adoption of the terms of Marxian, the revolutionary theory of Fanon warns that lumpenproletariat, the definition of Marx for the societies lowest levels for example the peasants who are landless, need not be neglected in the favor of industrial proletariat.

The desire of ending the dependence on the powers of the colonialists, leads to the new country in the impossible attempts and rapidly develop an organic, idealistic nationalist form of total capitalism which is diversified thoroughly for the purposes of political and economic stability. It is only through insurrection of violence that is aimed at the destruction of everything that was touched by colonialism which a new species of man will be created from. The tribal and religious divisions that are exacerbated and created by the colonialists will most definitely deteriorate as unitys urgency in realized.

The colonialist espoused individualism will succumb to the colonized quest for communalism. It is actually through that kind of struggle that a new culture that is entirely national will be defined-and not a culture that is defined by the norms of the Europeans; neither a culture which harkens back to the traditions that are indigenous of the pre-colonial era-for the culture will forever be lost, reactionary and has been degraded and ruined in the colonized psyche through the colonial racism phenomena and even exceptionalism.

In response, the work of Fanon is perfectly received and is very highly recommended to those people who definitely wish to gain a perfect comprehension of the bourgeois and the neo-colonial nature of politics that are contemporary, in the post-colonial era. Fanon reveals that it is only by the view of history from that perspective of those that were colonized that their plights, the current ones for that matter, can be comprehended. It is very difficult, even for any citizen of the United States, to argue with his approach of revolution, based on education, opportunity, egalitarianism and violence. Not unless greed paves way for the altruism in politics that are global, it seems as if the wretched of the earth will only become free truly, through the usage of extreme force.

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