Free Essay Example on the Safety of the Staff

Published: 2023-01-03
Free Essay Example on the Safety of the Staff
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The safety of the staff in an organization or company is essential and is something that is taken seriously. This is because they are more productive in a safe environment. These workers are protected from different dangers that are caused by machines and other equipment in the company. Moreover, various methods are used to make sure that the staff is safe under all circumstances. Some of the similarities between Sinek's concepts of leaders making you feel safe, and OSHA's Recommended Practices for Safety and Health Programs. In both, they have a policy that goes establishment of the health and safety programs of the staff in the workplace is a way of protecting the treasured assets. The loss of works due to illness and injuries for even a short time could cause a disturbance and cost to the workers and the families. This could also destroy the productivity, reputation, turnover, and morale of the workers. Moreover, the management of the workers' health and safety programs reduces compensation costs.

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Secondly, the two have the same way of working out things, this whereby they continue to improve their technology time by time. This helps them to be in a position of preventing risk and dangers that may happen to the workers. The new machines and equipment used in the safety process are reliable and eradicate the threats very first. Like for the example putting out the fire has become easier as there are machines which are developed that work effectively. This due to the modern technology whereby there are sensors fixed in houses which assist much. Automation of their work activities which means that computers, robots, and technology are being assimilated in their workplace, frequently presenting different and new hazards. Moreover, in the two it is evident that the safety professional's skills are advanced whereby they are taught new skills of helping the injured.

OSHA's Recommended Practices for Safety and Health Programs got a tradition of approaching health and safety in the workplace. They do not only take action when something has taken place to a worker either injuries or sickness. They have new regulations and standards which are published, and this is where a problem is found out and corrected before it causes dangers. Finding the problem and fixing it before it affects the workers is a more active approach as it reduces the rate of injuries and illness in the organization or company. By so doing it avoids the indirect and direct cost of staff illnesses and injuries and therefore promotes a positive work environment while Sinek's concept of leaders takes action when the dangers have already affected the workers.

OSHA's Recommended Practices for Safety and Health Programs have increased its relation with their workers. This is where they have increased the contract and temporary employment, and raised the gig economy, and this shows the traditional between the employees and workers are shifting and alternates in safety policies and programs that are required to ensure the safety of all the employees at the work sites which is mostly described by the new relationship. While in Sinek's concept of leaders does not have a perfect link between the workers and the management. It only contracts works who work for a given period then their contracts expire. These employees are not able to have a strong relationship with the company for they do not have a long time working in the company.

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