Team Communication and Problem Solving, Free Essay in HRM

Published: 2022-04-01
Team Communication and Problem Solving, Free Essay in HRM
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Human Resource Management has taught me a lot of essential things that are applicable in the business environment. One of the vital areas I have gained knowledge is on defining and building a team to achieve various business objectives. The secret behind prosperous and harmonious teams is diversity, mutual respect, and inclusivity among others (Wittenberg, 2017). Diverse teams are composed of people with vastly different talents and abilities that are complementary to each other. Hiring employees is a crucial undertaking that requires plenty of thought regarding the recruitment, interviewing, and hiring practices. Employees are human beings and hence when they feel included they will be motivated to work hard and deliver the company goals and mission.

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Managing issues within the team is a necessary step towards effective management. Conflict is an inevitable occurrence in any workplace, and hence good managers must know how to deal with the causal issues. This course has taught me how to resolve conflicts amicably to avoid worsening the situation. Disagreements come about since workers have different points of view and it is important to approach such cases impartially as a manage (Issid, 2018) r. Managing issues that arise within the team improves the overall productivity.

The course has also taught the importance of proper communication at work. Effective communication can help an organization to run smoothly and eliminate any conflict situations. The employees will operate with high efficiency while the customers will be pleased by the professionalism displayed. Excellent communication also helps to ensure the employees understand the vision and values of the firm (Doucette, 2017).

Discussions were an efficient way of enhancing my understanding throughout the course duration. Sharing ideas with my peers aided in giving a clear perspective on the issues since I gained the interpretations of different people. I also improved my research skills since the group sessions required us to gather the relevant information on a particular topic.

Conducting more field trips to companies and other departments would have enhanced the learning experience. Seeing how the HR principles and ideas are applied first-hand would have given us a practical example of using what we had learned.


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