Essay Example - The Process of Hit Value Realization

Published: 2024-01-14
Essay Example - The Process of Hit Value Realization
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Health information technology (HIT) is adopted in hospitals and medical centers to improve patient data-keeping storage to improve patients' outcomes. HIT includes record-keeping in health centers and other technological methods that may be used to improve services offered to patients (Kuna, 2014). Several measures are used to determine the HIT value realization; for a measure to be effective, it should have a framework that consists of costs and benefits, where value depends on which stakeholder is applied to and allows value to flow over time.

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Value realizations is the process in which entities can generate or add more value to their clients. For HIT value realization, this entails adopting technological tools in all sectors of the health sector. HIT should involve all personnel, including the stakeholders, to acquire an effective value realization in the health sector (Faems, Van Looy, Janssens, and Vlaar, 2012). There is a need to have clear key performance indicators established before transitions are made, or evaluations are carried out. KPIs may include the average hospital stay, medical equipment utilization, treatment costs, patient wait time, and patient satisfaction.

To effectively acquire a clear and effective HIT value realization, all sectors included in the effective offering of health services need to be included. This includes all sectors, frameworks, and protocols used in healthcare. The inclusion of information technology in a hospital needs to include all individuals involved in service offering to the patients. The short-term effects of HIT may include accurate recording of patient data and easy synchronization of data stored throughout all health departments (Faems et al., 2012).

For the long-term effects of HIT, it is not feasible for any study to capture them, though its effect needs to be realized concerning the cost and benefits of including the HIT and not using it.

Value realization is about the value that is attained from the project. In health, the setup value depends on the service offered to the patients. To a physician who is supposed to attend to many clients by the end of the day, the HIT will manage the bulk documentation that would delay them from meeting with more patients during that specific day. HIT to a patient visiting the health care would mean that they have been effectively served in a short time and effectively. A queue that is fast-moving and properly recorded data, where only the patient's number is input and medical history is accessed without delay (McKenna, Dwyer and Rizzo, 2017).

Value realization to the hospital management would mean proper record keeping that helps during decision making and accountability of the transactions and activities in the health center. Easily accessible records and easily analyzed would mean proper follow-up of activities.

Through the HIT implementation in a healthcare system, it is possible to monitor all people who enter the premises, the number of beds occupied, the number of the inpatient and outpatients in the hospital from a dashboard that displays all details simplified.

Several hospitals had adopted the HIT in the USA when the (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health) HITECH act was enacted in 2010. This act dedicated $27 billion to healthcare that would show good use of HIT (Faems et al., 2012).

Studies carried out indicate that HIT has the potential to enable health centers to create healthcare services and reduce costs. Value realization is easily achieved by the implementation of HIT in the healthcare facilities.


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