Paper Example: Ethical Issues in Information System

Published: 2023-02-03
Paper Example: Ethical Issues in Information System
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The information system is an incorporated set of workings for assembling, packing, and processing of statistics as well as the provision of data, knowledge, and cardinal products hence anyone in an organization or business firm count on the information system to run their programs. Ethics is a key thing in any person or worker in an organization hence every individual is encouraged to be ethical in whatever he or she does. As we understand vividly that ethics refers to the rules of right and wrong that act as a guiding principle on the choices that they make hence illustrating the kind of behavior an individual has. The government through the constitution has protected every individual through the freedom of speech hence everyone has a right to have or give out given information.

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Information Rights and Obligation

Privacy to any information owned by an individual is safeguarded by the state since no one is allowed to force someone to give out information concerning anything hence they are free from surveillance from other individuals or even organizations (Hajli & Lin, 2016) including the nation. When an individual feel that the information that he or she is withholding is so crucial to the government or even the resident of his area then he can pass it to his people. By not forcing citizens to give out information will help since when there is important information, the citizens will always feel free to share and this will be to a greater help to the government of any country since with the current situations of terror attacks globally an information concerning these malicious groups can be relayed to the government.

Measures for Safeguarding the Ethical Issue

Through educating individuals on their constitutional rights concerning the privacy of any information they have, no one will harass any member of any nation globally to give him or her an information. Hence the citizens must understand their constitutional rights. With the help of our communication authorities, a hotline number can be allocated so that when there is any crucial information that concerns the safety of the citizens the person with the information can dial the number and contact the law enforcement authority.

Problems that may arise from the Issue

Some individuals may use the issue as a way to acquire money since they may ask the person who needs the information to pay a given sum of money so that he can be given the information. With the freedom of speech grunted to the citizens as part of their right some of the youth take advantage and post on their social media accounts whatever they want hence some post nasty things.

It may also lead to abduct of individuals with crucial information by a terror group or even a certain group of people that needs a piece of the given information. Hence the individuals can be abducted by either a gang group which is commonly in ghetto areas to acquire information.


Information is a very crucial tool hence when you have a given idea about a certain thing that is very important to the nation or an individual, you will be so valuable to that person since you have what he wants. A solution to the ethical issue talked about is that although it is right to information the government should strict its citizens on the information to post on social media platforms.


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