Paper Example on Aged Care and Fitness Training in Australia: Services, Location, and Promotion

Published: 2023-11-08
Paper Example on Aged Care and Fitness Training in Australia: Services, Location, and Promotion
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In Australia, the aged care system provides various options to achieve the care needs of the elderly. The desire of many older Australians to remain in their homes as they age has increased the focus on providing aged care services in the community (AIHW, 2020). As such, the aged care system helps the elderly live independently in their homes and provides support and accommodation. Many care providers are available in Australia to provide support and services for the elderly (AIHW, 2020). Any person over 65 years is eligible for aged care in Australia.

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The client, Griff Training, has active specialists who provide Melbourne elders with high-intensity fitness classes that guarantee results. The trainers work effectively towards pushing the limits of the elders and achieving their goals while having fun. Products that should be available in this business are fitness products such as aerobic training machines, footwear, gym bags, pirate equipment, clothing, accessories, balance trainers, and strength training equipment. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the business should offer hand sanitizers to prevent the virus (Allday, 2020).

The outbreak of COVID-19 has also reduced the on-site Griff training due to social distancing implemented to reduce transmission. For that reason, Griff training should resort to online means where the elderly are trained through the internet and expected to implement lessons in their homes. The elderly are also required to have computers and smartphones to participate in online training. Those who must go for the Griff training are expected to observe COVID-19 rules such as social distancing. The services should be entirely tailored to ensure the entire body of the older population gets a solid workout, and that exercise becomes their new way of life. The training should also encourage the elderly to work at their maximum intensity for at least half an hour. Besides, training should occur in the open air in strict compliance with social distancing to reduce virus transmission.


Griff Training is situated in St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia. St Kilda is a predominantly affluent region dominated by young, urban professionals. It is also a tourist hot spot. Located just outside Melbourne's Central Business District (CBD), St Kilda has an implausible train and train links into the city and surrounding areas (Homely, 2020). The area has sparkling social scenes such as restaurants, cafes, shops, craft markets, and live entertainment venues. Local attractions include the St Kilda Piers, Luna Park, St Kilda Sea Baths, and St Kilda Beach (Homely, 2020). The beach allows residents and visitors to enjoy various water sports. In terms of population, St Kilda has more than 20,230 people (Quickstats, 2016).

Of this population, the elderly account for about 8.7% of the region's total number (Quickstats, 2016). Griffin Training is located in this area because many youths are available to offer volunteer fitness programs. The proximity of the center to Melbourne’s CBD and social scenes makes it a perfect location for establishing a fitness business. Most tourists who visit the beach and other local attractions are 65 years and above, which is the eligibility criterion for attending the fitness program for the elderly at Griff Training (Homely, 2020). Therefore, St Kilda is at a better location for setting up a fitness program for older people.


There are numerous ways to market Griff training, especially in this digitally connected world. When it comes to fitness promotion, a lot of engaging campaigns and funds are available. Digital marketing, through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, will be used to promote Griff's products and services. These platforms will promote the business to the ideal audience where they spend most of their time. Although young generations dominate digital platforms, it will still be appropriate for a marketing fitness program for the elderly because older people who are interested in the training will receive recommendations from their children and grandchildren. Those who visit the internet will get information directly from the institution through these platforms.

Another way to promote Griffin training is by offering free gym facilities to the target population. People love trying things without spending their money on them. An opportunity to visit the facility without worrying about payment will attract interested people. Free services will also offer Griff a chance to demonstrate its sincerity and the quality of the environment. Flyers will also be used to spread the word. They are cost-effective means of drawing interest from non-members around Melbourne. The flyers will be designed appropriately to intrigue the elderly who have not registered.


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