Essay Sample Analyzing the Positive Effects of Technology

Published: 2022-03-25
Essay Sample Analyzing the Positive Effects of Technology
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Technology is rapidly revolutionizing what life presents to humanity. Things are moving on so fast, the advent of technology has overwhelmingly embraced by everybody across the globe today, and it is referred to as modern technology. In the earlier days, people valued products and items that mattered most to them, but currently, the same products and items have become less important as people go for other newly introduced ones that make life cheap and affordable courtesy of technology. It is important to note that technology has contributed hundredfold benefit to humanity. Technology has touched all sphere of life including making the world a global village. There are many merits with improved technology in our day-to-day life. Take for instance how mobile phones have changed our lives; it is possible to talk to friends and relatives who are far from us within the touch of a button.

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With the advent of the internet, people can learn new things as well as do taking online courses and many more. Because of insatiable needs to better our lives, we continuously aspire to improve what is present (Harrington, 22). Today, people are opting to spend huge sums of money to acquire Smartphone. The urge to acquire this device is so overstepped that the young generation would forgo the luxury of a decent car but to possess a Smartphone. The critical question is to unravel why someone would forgo a car for a Smartphone. It is because the car does not connect us instantly with our families, friends, and relatives but a Smartphone doe that just at the command of the button.

Acquisition of a Smartphone is the trend of the young generation as a result of advanced technology. Almost across the work, there is the craving for connectivity. But does the device together with all that it present makes the life of a young person productive? A big population of the young makes bad use of the device. The importance that was once attached to a face-to-face conversation is being eroded faster than ever. The young generation will lock themselves in a room and frantically engage in the internet, chatting with friends while in the house there is barely a conversation (Harrington, 24). The same case is also replicated in the job places. Most of the time when in offices or places of work, people spend a lot of time on their phones than they do while working. This is never right, and it reduces the productivity of an individual. As much as technology has impacted on the young generation's life with various confusion, there is a section of them among the greater population who are true to the fact that technology is supposed to be used to make human life more comfortable than ever. Take an instance where families stay far apart due to work in a different location (Harrington, 26). Mobile phones, in particular, the Smartphone with numerous apps will bridge the gap between such individuals conserving the family ties that are known to be human tradition.

In conclusion, advanced technology has really improved and made life more comfortable for the current generation. With particularity to connectivity, cars are believed to offer means of transport to the neighborhood to see a friend, but the whole process is involving. It would take an individual an extra penny to fill the fuel tank, drive carefully in the busy highway to see a relative, friend or a loved one but this is opposed to making a call, twitting, or face booking, which will only need an individual to sit and do the rest. This is the reason why the current young generation is considering acquiring a Smartphone at the expense of a car.

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