Sociology - A Free Essay with a Case Study on Obesity

Published: 2019-10-24
Sociology - A Free Essay with a Case Study on Obesity
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Sociology is given the definition as the study of the social relationships and the given institutions of human beings. The subject matter of sociology is always very much diverse. In most cases, it is known to range from religion to crime, from a single family to a whole coutry, from the divisions seen in race and the xisting social classes to the beliefs that are shared of one culture and finally, from the social stability to the chsanges that are radically being seen in the families today. The main reason for the study of sociology is to try and provide a unfication of the diverse subject that are being witnessed. Furthermore, it tries to provide an understanding of of the ways in which the actions of the humans and their respective consciousness continues to be shaped by the surrounding and the existing social structures in their surrounding.

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When walking down the streets of my city, I noticed that majority of the individuals who were in my suroundging were overweight. The following is an annotated bibliography of the observation that I will make. Furthermore, if I was the sociologist C. Wright Mills, the following is the description that iw ould provide.

Annotated Bibliography

The articles trys to show what causes overweight. It continues by stating that in case an individual takes in enhanced amunts of enrgy and fail to burn them down, then majority of the excess energy will be stored in the subjects body in the form of fat.

The practice of Poor Diet

Blass, E. M. (2008). Obesity: Causes, mechanisms, prevention, and treatment. Sunderland, MA: Sinauer Associates.

By looking at the people wo are in my surounding I could conclude that, majority of them were practising poor diet. The fact remains that for one to become obess then it must have been a process that has taken place for a while. The main stimulating factors for it to take place are poor diets and wanting lifestyle choices. The article continues to note that eating habits that are unhelahty are some things that have contiued to be witnessed in several families today. There are chances that the children would most possibly learn the poor eating habits from the parents. This occurrence can take place when one is a child and follow them into their adulthood.

Lack of Physical Activity

Power, M. L., & Schulkin, J. (2009). The evolution of obesity. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.

The next explanation to my observation is that the people of my city are majorly lacking the act of engaging in physical actitvity. This is one os the greatest factos that has continued being linked with obesity. The employment activities that entails sitting on the desk for greater parts of the day has been blamed to be the core cause of lack of taking place in physical activity. Instead of going out to tun or enaging in the gymn, majority of individuals have resorted to watching their TVs, palying the computer games or browsing the internet. This leads to them using little or no energy that has been provided by the food they eat. Hence, the extra energy that they do not utilize is coverted into fats then stored in the body of these individuals.

In Scott, J., & In Nilsen, A. (2013). C. Wright Mills and the sociological imagination: Contemporary perspectives.

According to his work on social imagination, C. Wright Mills write that the sociological imagination is just the quality of mind that enables an individual to remember history and biography and the relations between the two within the society (2013). By this he meant that imagination is the sole differenec that was being seen in the proper sociological thought and that one which does not succeed. Therefore, C. Wright Mills would conclude that the people I saw who were obess just chose to be the way they were.

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