Essay Sample on Customer Satisfaction: Bad Vs. Good

Published: 2022-12-15
Essay Sample on Customer Satisfaction: Bad Vs. Good
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Customers play an essential role in every organization. Therefore, a company should treat its customers to earn their loyalty which will result in increased profit. The reason is that the customers are considered value maximizers (Chapter 5). Every buyer would want to purchase its products from the company that provides high customer delivery value and not buys from a firm that does not provide its clients with quality services. In this regard, Disney Corporation is considered as a company with a history of happy customers while Comcast offers its consumers with bad customer service. Disney Corporation has been able to offer quality services to its customers. This is because it takes time to know its customers (Verma, 2012). It usually does market research to fully understand what its customers need (Chapter 2). Also, the quests do receive good services as the employees consider what they want, their emotions and stereotypes. Conversely, Comcast Corporation's customer service is bad since it has outsourced most of its customer service (Kandampully, 2012). It means that the consumers cannot get help as soon as they want. Thus, making it difficult for consumers to believe the services and promises made by this company.

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Disney has created a common purpose for its organization and this has enabled it to provide good customer services (Verma, 2012). A common purpose is where the important foundation where all service decisions are made. It also represents the employees and what they stand for in getting every individual on a similar page. This process can only be achieved when the employees are motivated which the company does often through different methods. Unfortunately, Comcast is just too big for its good since the management does not know what the employees are doing. It means that the management does not have a good relationship with the employees which hinders its performance (Chapter 1). Even though the company's sales channel is well paid, the employees in the other departments are underpaid and this has resulted in low employee performance and morale (Kandampully, 2012).

Understanding the customers holistically has earned Disney Corporation good customer reputation (Chapter 2). the company has good knowledge of its consumers and it has been extended beyond traditional service criteria boundaries. Moreover, the issue of understanding their expectations and needs has helped in creating personalized interactions. Identification of the current trends has enabled the firm to provide quality services to the clients. According to Chapter 3 of the lesson, marketers can get opportunities through the identification of trends like directions of events with durability or momentum. Notwithstanding, it is like Comcast has been using traditional ways to serve its consumers. The company has not adopted the current trends and that is the reason they can put their customers with complaints on hold for over three hours. Additionally, the company does not have a good Marketing Information System in developing the required information, assessing customers needs, and distributing information on time (Chapter 3). There have been several complaints where customers are charged after cancelling their orders meaning that the firm does not have an updated internal record system.

In conclusion, the customer's area regarded as value maximizers and losing profitable customers can influence a firm's profit. Disney has always ensured that its customers are satisfied with their services and that is the reason it has many return clients. In contrast, Comcast has had many customers complaints on the services it provides to its customers and this has forced most clients to cancel their orders and opt for other companies that offer similar services. In enhancing good customer service, a company should ensure that it knows its customers, understand the customers holistically, and doing market research. Through these elements, a company can increase the number of its clients that further results in increased profits.


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