Truffles Essay Example

Published: 2019-06-03 22:14:38
Truffles Essay Example
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According to Evans et al, (2007) Truffles are a variety of very rare edible mushrooms which are also a very expensive delicacy with an intense aroma and a very unique flavor. These special mushrooms are firm in texture and are often shredded or made into very gaunt slices that are then positioned on top of food just before it is served. Some chefs and cooks use truffles to infuse the intense aroma into other dishes in order to obtain a delicate and yet amazing flavor.

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There are many types of truffles and they are mainly classified based on the taste, the smell and the color. The value of this delicacy mainly depends on how rare it is, its aromatic properties and qualities as well as the color. The rarest are the most expensive and are commonly known as the kitchen diamonds as they mostly cost a fortune to purchase.

Truffles are obtained by digging into the ground, mostly a foot deep especially during the morning or late in the evening to help preserve the incredible taste of this delicacy. The obtained truffles are washed and kept in an airtight chamber of a refrigerator for at least three days to help preserve and intensify the flavors of this delicacy. For cooking, it is mostly shredded or chopped into some dishes especially pasta and potatoes.

Truffles are believed to have been around for longer than humans dating back to more than 360 million years ago. Their earliest record of humans eating this rare delicacy is of the fourth century BC according to the Theophrastus and Neo-Samaritan writings. Peasants have been using truffles to give taste to food add was highly appreciated by the Savoia family. In medieval cooking, truffles have been traced back to the Avignon court of papacy where the popes discovered this delicacy shortly after relocating to the Avignon area.

According to Karakowsky (2001) Culture can simply be defined as the way of life of particular people. This is characterized by the peoples experience, beliefs, knowledge, attitudes, elations, possessions as well as the various concepts about the universe. In the land of Sicily, we see Sorrento peninsulas beauty as its unique taste narrated by the city truffle. This is a culture that has always been kept for many years. Here, people also have the opportunity to taste and sample various Mediterranean diets.

According to Amicarelli et al (1999), truffles are used in the manufacture of cosmetics as well as in the pharmaceutical industry in the manufacture of drugs. According to scientific research, truffles have the ability to reduce the risk of getting cancer significantly as well as other medical conditions like the reduction of lipids in the blood as well as an effect on the cardiovascular tissues in the body. In addition to the medicinal effects of this delicacy, consumption of truffles has been identified with an enormous increase in the energy levels in the body as well as a boost on the immunological resistance ability of the body.

Truffles also have therapeutic properties like the reduction of menopause symptoms, sleeping disorders, senile urethritis, prostrate disorders especially prostate cancer, hormonal imbalance, sedative action as well as alleviation of rheumatic pains and in the treatment of the senile cataract.

From the information given above, it is crystal clear that truffles are not only a rare delicacy, but it also has some splendid medicinal properties that we cannot overlook. Along with its competitor in the market, the royal caviar together with this delicacy has made a tremendous impact in the society and especially in the royal families. Truffles is just one of a kind of a delicacy and should by all means and ways be treasured because of its properties and the unique flavor it brings with it food to the table.

From this research, I must confess and admit that my view about the truffles will never be the same again especially given the many benefits it brings with it alongside its goodness on our tables. The medicinal and therapeutic effects of this delicacy should be harnessed especially by the integration of truffles in our diet as well the use of its oils to obtain the full benefits of this wonderful tuber. Extensive research should be done to help in the mass/commercial production of this precious delicacy for the future use.


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