The Gold Rush in China: Essay Sample

Published: 2019-10-29
The Gold Rush in China: Essay Sample
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During the gold rush the Chinese ethnic group made the great migration from China. Upon their arrival and settlement in America, this ethnic group was received with a lot of hostility and almost immediately, some forms of Anti-Chinese sentiments sprouted among the American natives. Since many of these Chinese immigrants flocked the mining sites in America, their experience in America was tough as there were harsh taxes and laws imposed on them by arrival and settlement in The United States, the Chinese immigrants were received with a lot of hostility and anti-Chinese sentiments by the American natives. As more and more Chinese immigrants moved and settled in America, racial tensions increased. This was as a result of the many immigrants who had occupied various jobs in the country and subsequently elevating levels of competition in the job market. The harsh treatment towards the Chinese extended and culminated in the year 1882 where the American natives hated them to an extent that they were banned from immigrating into the country. Consequently, in the same year, the Chinese Exclusion Act was extended and made permanent in in the year 1902.

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As Daniels explains, due to the Gold Rush in China, most of the Chinese immigrants migrated into America and settled in California. Here, these people exploited the workforce which was not taken positively by the natives. Due to the fact that most of these Chinese immigrants were predominantly male, the Chinese ethnic group assimilated into the American culture by occupying the better part of the American workforce. Despite the fact that it was almost impossible for the Chinese immigrants to get assimilated into the American Culture they dominated the American workforce since the wages that they got were significantly higher than what they used to earn back in China.

Being the once singled out group in America and at the same time affected by the execution law, in the modern day today and in every year the Chinese immigrants usually make up the largest group of arrivals in America. Nevertheless, the immigrants in the modern day today differ from those immigrants that were affected by the 1898 Chinese Execution Act in that the ancient immigrants were low skilled while those in the modern day today are mostly investors and students. Throughout the American history, the country has been viewed by many people as the home for a constant flow of immigrants. In the modern day today, America has accepted immigrants in the country since immigration has become one of the major sophisticated phenomenon. It is due to immigration that America has experienced rapid population growth, cultural change, among others. This has therefore led to economic and social growth of the country.

There are various significant differences between the modern day today immigration patterns and issues with those of the early turn of the 20th century. For instance, unlike in the 1900s where immigrants such as the Chinese ethnic group were discriminated and treated with hostility, today immigration in America is viewed as a necessary ingredient for the countrys economic growth. Additionally, in terms of the immigration patterns, while most of the immigrants in the early century originated from the Northern European countries. On the other hand, present day immigrants arrive from across the globe.

In conclusion, Danielss work focuses more on the setbacks immigrants in the early century had to face and how their settlement into America affected the Native Americans negatively. This shows a great disparity in the manner in which immigration was viewed in those days as compared to what happens today. Today, unlike in history, America examines current policies that are intended to assess whether immigration is to the best interest of the country and to those of the newcomers. This has therefore, seen the country benefiting both economically and socially.

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