Success in Life Essay Samples

Published: 2018-02-04
Success in Life Essay Samples
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Family Support

My parents are special because of several things that they have done for me. To begin with, my parents have sacrificed their lives to provide me with the best things that life can offer. For example, they took up jobs that were challenging and risky so that they could pay my school fees. My parents are special due to the mentoring they provided me with in order to be able to face life on my own. They spent numerous hours trying to counsel me especially as a teenager in order to make sure that I did not get in the wrong company and also to make sure that I focused on my education. The support that my parents have continued to give me even in my adult life also makes them special. Whenever I am faced with financial challenges, my parents have been there to offer me support. They have also been supportive in helping me to find a career path that suits my abilities. In conclusion, I would say the sacrifices that my parents have made for me and the support that they continue to offer is what makes them special.

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Essay On Success In Life

Life is always full of challenges, hurdles, and difficult situations. The manner in which we approach such scenarios and situations, will determine if we will overcome them or whether they will weigh us down. We all want to succeed in life. We would wish to live happy, have great families, better living standards, and explore greater height in life. All this is possible and achievable. All one has to do is focus and set their mind towards achieving what they want in life. Fine examples are handicapped athletes. They go to greater lengths to take part in competitions, others even competing with non-handicapped individuals, and go ahead to win awards. They are determined and focused towards winning and achieving. They train with equal measure as their counterparts, sacrifice their time and strength, and dedicate themselves to the task ahead. We may not all have similar goals or ambitions, but what we do to achieving them is all that matters. The achievements gained will just be fruits from the toiling and hard work that we have put in to get these achievements. Hence, never say never and never quit in making an effort to make an achievement or to succeed in life. We all have opportunities and equally capable of achieving what we want in life. Therefore, go ahead and start working towards your success in life.

A Taste Of Success

Success is an achievement that every sane person aspires in life. To many people, the term success is relative and can be used to mean different levels of achievements depending on personalities and interests. People still struggle to determine the point at which success is achieved while other are still in searching for reasons to succeed. Why can one succeed in life? Several reasons exist that can explain why any person can succeed in life. One can succeed in life due to the inbuilt pressure from the social surrounding in which a person live in. Once in history, Churchill Winston explained that the shortcomings that one experiences during his or her early stage can serve to propel the person to success. Second, success cannot come from thin air as one is required to work hard and achieve personal goals or interests. Once a persona has set personal targets, it is required that the person goes an extra mile and do all it takes to achieve the desired milestone. Using effort to succeed cannot only apply to personal success but also group success. As a leader or member of a given group, working hard to successfully achieve a goal can be regarded as a success. In summary, one can succeed by working while relying on SMART goals. Working hard is inevitable and realistic goals must be considered at all times.

How Can I Succeed In Life

Success in education, marriage, politics, and wealth is every human’s dream. Most parents take their children to the best schools and inculcate moral trends to ensure they succeed. When the children come of age, they invest time, resources, and effort in different ventures to ensure they succeed. Like all the rest, I have grown with and nurtured the desire to succeed. I have put many structures in place to ensure I succeed in many life’s expectations. The first of these is education. As I went through elementary and secondary education, I ensured I got the best possible grades and positioned myself for success. This did not change in higher education where I achieved very good grades. I still intend to improve my education by studying numerous subjects to broaden my understanding. Secondly, I have remained prayerful, honest, and committed to my courses throughout life. I am determined and resilient. Once I lay my hands on a job, I do not stop till I have achieved my goal. However, I remain steadfast in justice and fairness. I do not tolerate corruption, theft, and the embezzlement of resources belonging to others. With the best education, hard work, commitment, determination, and honesty, I believe I will succeed in life.

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