HRM Essay Example: What Do You Think Yahoo Is Doing?

Published: 2022-02-18 07:47:12
HRM Essay Example: What Do You Think Yahoo Is Doing?
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What do you think yahoo is doing?

A lot of buzzes has been having been spreading around concerning Yahoo. However, the company's performance seems to be contradicting people's conclusions concerning the company. In that, since 2006 the company experienced a strong growth till mid-2009 than from 2012 till date the company has been in a constant decline. According to data collected the company seems to be indeed faking its system which has resulted in a decline regarding performance within the company. The company seems to have sacrificed its employees forcing them to work at home with the belief that through this the company and its workers will achieve speed and quality in its functioning. As a result, most of the workers have been forced to work remotely until recently when the company recalled the employees back to their offices (Pandey & Verma, 2005). The step seems to be a backward approach because working at home is more effective and easier.

Advice as of the CEO

The company should provide its employees with the right technology enabling them to stay in touch and maintain a continued and regular communication and ensure that they retain the right balance between office working and remote working. Through providing the required access, the company will be able to work responsibly and remain motivated within their line of work. It will also enhance the workability of the people allowing them to work with high quality and quickly.

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Leadership and management

Management and leadership go hand in hand even though they are significantly different. A leader's job is to motivate and inspire whereas the manager administers the workplace. A leader is expected to innovate and ensure that he or she remains as an original compared to the manager who acts as a copy. The manager is expected to maintain organizations in all aspects and departments whereas a leader develops the workplace. The manager focus is the structure and systems of the company whereas the leader focusses on the employees within the organization. A manager is expected to hold a short-range perspective whereas a leader is expected to have a long-range perspective. To achieve this a manager a manager is expected to rely on control whereas a leaders tools it the trust that he or she establishes with his employees.

Development as a leader

As a leader one should continuously challenge the status quo and ensure that he or she remains as his or her person within the organizations. One should ensure that they maintain and inspire trust among his employees and provide that he does the right thing always. A leader should ensure that they also uphold a long-range perspective in their line of work.

HRIS systems

The HRIS is a software is a software for data entry which acts as an online solution for data tracking and information requirements within human resources. The system should be improved in such a way that it can grow the business by increased automation within the system. The system should also be able to manage all data concerning employees and the administration of the company by increasing the amount of data it can store and ensuring the security and confidentiality of the data is maintained (Mondy et al., 2005). Some of the essential HRIS systems include the operational HRIS which is of great help to the manager and the employee information systems which works well when used together with operational HRIS.


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