The FBI Cooperations - Paper Sample

Published: 2024-01-11
The FBI Cooperations - Paper Sample
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Apple is a company that deals with the production of iPhones that were built better to have hardware and software integration that the android phones. People like them more because their data is cryptographically protected than in android phones. The Apple Company needed to corporate with the FBI in their investigations of the domestic terrorist attack.

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In early 2016, one of the U.S district courts ordered Apple to offer assistance to the FBI in hacking into a phone used by Syed Farook, who was among the shooters who participated in killing 14 people and wounding others at San Bernardino in California. The main aim was to get critical information like contacts, pictures and calls from the locked iPhone that will facilitate them to run a hasten criminal investigation and prosecution. Furthermore, from the article, Osnos pointed that citizens should side with the Apple Company as it takes a stand against the government to hack the phone as it will interfere with the confidentiality of the Apple phone users. Also, he pointed out that the power governments will want to have access to all user data for law enforcement and social control. The company contended the government to create its requests that will create a shortcut into the iPhones that will permit the authorities to access the data anytime they wish to access.

Customers' Safety

Apple should protect customers' safety and privacy by not allowing the U.S. federal government to unlock the terrorist's phone. There will also be a fear of hindering the safety designs in developing their customers. Allowing the government to hack into the terrorists' phone will undermine the company's protocols by mining data from the customer's phones anytime they wanted.

However, Apple did not cooperate with the government in unlocking the terrorist phone as it wanted to protect customers' rights whereby they will be ensured of their privacy and authenticity. In earlier 2018, when Facebook misused its users' personal information, they allowed a third party to access the personal data from the Facebook users without their consent and instead used it for other purposes. Most people have lost trust in Facebook due to the misuse of their information and personal data for political purposes.

Apple did not incorporate with the government since it did want scrutiny to occur because the CEO explained that it would be of equal dominance key where there will be a higher capability of opening more phones, thus affecting the privacy of the users. Apple felt that by assisting the FBI, it would detriment them because they will create a Trojan horse that will see the company's downfall and fear that their customers' information will be used for despicable purposes. The CEO of Apple, Cook, noticed that they declined the request and based their argument that acted excellently in its customers' interest. They were prevented from exploitation by the government.

Noncriminal Privacy

The Apple Company wanted to protect its future by ensuring that it protects other users' information. With permission to have access to the phone, the FBI wants to make the citizens less secure and base their arguments in the name of keeping the same individuals safe from harm. In Osnos's article, the FBI wanted to intrude into noncriminal privacy by listening to the calls made, reading the texts and looking at the suspect's pictures. In an example I will give about a friend of mine whose brother has spent over 12 years in prison for the crime he did not do, it was all about false allegations made after inappropriate tracking of the phone's conversations. Apple always wants all its customers protected, and it is the main reason it did not allow the government to unlock the terrorist's phone.


In conclusion, I agree with Apple for not permitting the FBI to unlock the terrorist’s phone. Also, this is because it wanted to ensure that the other customer information is safe and not wrongly used. There are many ways to be used to get the terrorist's information from other sources. Some policies can be used in ensuring that privacy and confidentiality are protected. The FBI has to ensure that society is protected fully from attack.

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