Free Essay Sample - Cloud Storage

Published: 2023-03-08
Free Essay Sample - Cloud Storage
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The cloud storage system is when data is managed, maintained and made available to the user by backing up by the user. There are three cloud storage systems, which include hybrid cloud storage, public cloud storage, and private cloud storage. The private cloud storage is designed for one person that is specific for somebody's use. While the public cloud storage requires administrative control and may be accessed online by those authorized. The security is the same also to maintain the system is not much as private. Even the hybrid storage system is the combination of both.

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The hybrid model is in private and public it is based upon deployment; as per privacy requirement the user need to control the cloud space. Also, the markets are insurance, retail, entertainment, manufacturing, media, health, education, financial service, and insurance. The demand for backup, low-cost data storage, and data protection enables the groups which are large medium and small. Based on the type of component, which is service and software, the main factor is protection by different users like small medium and large, need for data backup, and level of cost savings on the total cost of ownership. However, regulatory and security is the main barrier of implementation across verticals like financial service and government. The cloud does the loss of control over the substantial legacy system and assets for the faltering blocks.

The public cloud service is paid as you go or free service where the company provides functions such as email, storage and more to the one that chooses it. The benefit of public cloud is reliable and cost, and then you need your information to be protected. The private cloud is the best. Private clouds have a proprietary architecture that allows an organization with an ability that offers dramatically increased security measures and controls the data. The hybrid cloud is the combination of both, which gives the flexibility to utilize both clouds depending on security and the cloud to be used.

However, the public cloud brings some benefits popularity across a wide range of businesses and industries which include scalability, affordability, flexibility and easy to manage. The private cloud can control and build by its service provider. The advantage of a private cloud is customizability, security, and high efficiency and performance. In hybrid offers the best of both the private and public, it is at least potentially. The hybrid cloud makes a solution with a lot of benefits like scalability, flexible, easy to implement, and cost-effective. The two main concerns of cloud technology are privacy technology and data security. They have both become essential for the future development of computing technology in the industry, business, and government. The decision for planning needs the amount of storage space to purchase, the device to back up, and the cloud storage provider to hire.

The public cloud enables the customer to share and access the necessary computer infrastructure which are bandwidth, storage, and hardware. The private cloud provides better security compared to the public cloud were the single company is the only designated entry. The hybrid cloud allows the user to take advantage of both the private and public clouds. It is hard to secure and maintain more accounts because it has become complex. There will be a lack of staff and expertise in that there will be limited technology in the workplace. There will also be an increased number of brokers of cloud services who will take the role of controlling the redundancy and the use of al-ways complex cloud service and diverse. The mobile and cloud technology merge.

In conclusion, cloud storage is a new technology development that has the potential for a greater impact on the world. It has more advantages that provide to the business and users. All these essentials of the cloud have contributed towards reducing the bulk of data in big firms, thus reducing the inventory.

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