Essay Example: Movie Review on (Remember the Titans)

Published: 2023-11-12
Essay Example: Movie Review on (Remember the Titans)
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Remember the Titans is a type of inspirational film whose setting was Alexandria, Virginia. It was created in 1971and its main focus is on the issue of desegregation and racism between whites and Black Americans. Throughout the drama, racial slurs were emphasized to portray how painful and hard the situation was to cope with and overcome. Racial discrimination was abundant in most scenes; an example is when a group of white and black boys entered into a restaurant in unity. However, they were quickly turned around upon entrance since the owner illustrated they would not offer the blacks a place in their restaurant nor serve them. Racial discrimination was done openly, an example being the scene where Coach Boone was granted a banana to portray that being a black resembled a monkey (Cranmer and Tina 2015). However, through football as a common interest, T. C. Williams High School does away with racism while the other parts of the country struggle with it. The paper focuses on reviewing the movie.

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The movie is historically accurate since it is based on a true story. Both Walt Disney Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer bought the script because its storyline was real. In Alexandria, Virginia, in 1971, there was a lot of turbulence that resulted from racism (Cranmer and Tina 2015). The movie accurately portrays much of what took place. The scenes represent the historical events of how the community was alienated due to racism.

An example is a scene where the community expected Coach Boone to fail miserably in his task after being appointed for the position of head coach. Additionally, Coach Boone had developed a preconceived idea towards his assistant coach, Yoast. Because he was black, he assumed that Yoast, just like the other whites, discriminated against the blacks (Cranmer and Tina 2015). Even though the movie was based on a true story, much of its historical figures were fictional. It is because Gregory Howard made significant assumptions while developing the script.

The movie used allegory as a type of symbolism. It is because many of the scenes in the film reflected the truth of what occurred. An example of symbolism is when Coach Boone took the team through the woods to a site where Gettysburg's battle occurred. At that juncture, he explained to the team members how 50,000 men had passed on in that graveyard by continuously fighting the same fight as it was happening in their current society (Cranmer and Tina 2015). The symbolism that existed there is that the team was separated on a race basis.

Through the explanation, Coach Boone wanted the entire team to note how the fight between the whites and blacks had continued for an extended period. He compared the team to the soldiers in the battle. He explained that, if the team would not settle their differences and would not come together, they would be destroyed just like the soldiers.

Through the use of symbolism, it helped the historical narrative. Basing on the symbolism portrayed by Coach Boone helped the team reconsider their options of being racist or trying to work together to top in the competitions. Thus, symbolism helped the historical narrative since it helped to portray how the fight between the two races had endured for ages, and how it had led to many deaths.

I would recommend viewing the movie since it helps the audience to acknowledge why racism should be avoided. The theme of racial conflict is portrayed in the film, and it continues until the dram ends (Cranmer and Tina 2015). I would also recommend viewing the movie since it would give the viewer a good perception of the actual historical events. The film portrays how the rest of the nation continued to struggle for peace while the community around T.C. Williams High School had settled their racial differences. Through this, the movie has an actual historical value.


Cranmer, Gregory A., and Tina M. Harris. "White-side, strong-side”: A critical examination of race and leadership in Remember the Titans." Howard Journal of Communications 26, no. 2 (2015): 153-171.

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