Essay Example Answers: Whether Positively or Negatively Affects our Daily Lives?

Published: 2022-10-24
Essay Example Answers: Whether Positively or Negatively Affects our Daily Lives?
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143 views is a retail giant forming a significant part of the American economy because of the considerable contribution it impacts of people's lives globally. This sophisticated all-inclusive retail shop has disrupted the conventional direct and indirect shopping, trade, inflation, invest, and work for international bodies. The commodification of retail products on this international marketplace has increased the enormous implication of how people take advantage of the market shift within their boundaries and beyond (Cardador, 33). Initially, started as an intermediate books selling platform and has since grown to retail everything with prompt doorstep delivery. The rapid growth has seen increase in the tradable GDP with 2017 recording an estimated $8.5 billion in general sales of different goods and services onboard (Levy, 2018). It's against this backdrop that the current paper will seek to evaluate the positive and negative contribution of to our daily lives today.

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Initially, trading online was previously associated with fraud and other costly gotcha affair but in the recent age, has made a commendable effort in populating online shopping and other investment activities through the assurance of client safety and reduced incidences of fraud on their retailing platform. This positive contribution to the way different people engage in trade has increased the global commodification of different kinds of products under the same platform. Although ranks as the second largest online retailer after the Chinese Alibaba, its expansion on the variety of merchandise provision has positioned its popularity in better preferences among the users and online shoppers as well as providing a serious competitive advantage to the online auctions market leaders like Alibaba, eBay, and Kindle.

In the operational logistics of without a storefronts infrastructure, the company has an overhead undercut on the operating costs which in turns is a huge disruption of traditional retailing businesses and accelerating their economic demise in the struggle to survive in the market competition. This negative impact on the lives today, key market players affected by the revolution marketing of have turned into bystanders in the deflationary impact created by the non-physical retail shops (Wasserman, 2012). The increase in competition platform for global manufacturers and other commercial competitors is limiting the growth in the income level of the affiliate companies. Due to the diversification of the retailing platforms, the competitors are struggling to offer the lowest prices because of the consumer advantage to make comparative decision-making when choosing the products to buy this limits the pricing to remain competitive but reduces of the companies' profitability.

Further, has become a leading employer globally offering numerous third-party contracts to an estimated 575,000 people by October 2018 (Levy, 2018). Despite, the lack of a storefront location Amazon have still given considerable employment to many people for their doorstep delivery strategies among other packaging and delivery needs for the company. However, this number of people does not compare to the number of people left jobless due to the restructuring of business in storefront trade with the growing preference for online shopping. Logically, Amazon's contribution on the market from have increased customer freedom to choose from wide variety of good from any trading platform under the same provisions of the Amazon site from reputable and user-friendly terms but, the economic value of electronic commercialization of local businesses denies individual countries the revenue collected from retail traders as well as limit the growth local investment in retail trade.

Consequently, due to the reliance on the online trading platform, has over the years established a question for innovative and technological achievement for efficacy in their day-to-day operations. The logistics infrastructure for shipping goods to the consumers across the globe has an impact on smaller business organizations within its chain of operation to partner and increase the dependency of their supply chain that has decamped from the conventional trading system to new technological operations that needs more players for goods to reach the end user (Ho-Dac, Carson, & Moore, 53). For instance, due to the absence of the physical infrastructure for the Amazon Company, it relies on other established shipping companies to deliver products to consumers when the goods being brought are of international boundary requirement.

In conclusion, the Company has in recent years made a considerable contribution to the lives of the people on a global platform. It touches the retail lives of wide merchandise variety trading in almost anything the consumer needs from any end in the global market. The operations and logistical nature of this marketplace performance have made considerable positive and negative impacts on the lives of the people today. Primarily the most significant impact of's trading operation is the increase on consumer good variety choice range which positively helps increase the competitive and service delivery of products globally because of the ease of access and doing business with the international platform. However, the same accessibility and customer exposure Amazon company gives to the end users is killing the retail trade with the changes in the trading climate and client accessibility. Again the operational and logistical nature of doing the business of their global retail giant is causing inflation to small and medium enterprises that are not able to team up with the competition.

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