Gender and Sexuality. Essay Sample

Published: 2023-02-08
Gender and Sexuality. Essay Sample
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Gender inequality has affected the social, political, and economic development in the United Kingdom. Psychological studies provide comprehensive information on how inequality has created a gender gap in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world. the differences in the level of education and working experiences between the two genders have resulted in differences in payment; therefore, necessitating for creation of gender laws that regulate various political and economic activities in the United Kingdom. A struggle between genders has existed in the United Kingdom since the 1970s up to date. The struggle between the sexes takes different forms is based on the established legislation that regulates. Throughout the human evolution process, men have been dominating over women in various aspects of life. The domination of men over women has been seen as an injustice; therefore, leading to the creation of gender equality laws to promote equal pay. The laws are also important in narrowing the gender gap in the United Kingdom.

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Many people have revolted against gender injustices in contemporary societies. During the 1970s many supporters of gender equality produced various literature in the United Kingdom to guide people on the importance of social justice in all aspects of life. In contemporary societies, many supporters of gender equality have also emerged in the United Kingdom. Feminism values also changed in the world due to some important historical events like the First and Second World Wars, the Cold War, and the industrial revolution in Europe. The introduction of mass media also resulted in feminism and gender equality in most parts of Europe especially the United Kingdom and France. During the 1970s men were given priority over women in employment opportunities.

Gender Gap in the United Kingdom

The inequality between men and women resulted in the gender gap in the United Kingdom; therefore, creating the desire to develop appropriate policies for regulating the operations of many people in all aspects of life. The gender gap is a term used to describe the nature of differences between women and men in the United Kingdom. The gender pay gap is defined as the average differences between wages paid hourly for men and women. The contemporary society, the introduction of the Equality Act in April 2017 has forced many organizations in the United Kingdom to report the figures of their gender pay gap before the end of each financial year. Reporting on the gender gap is important in ensuring that the government oversees all operations undertaken by all enterprises. The introduction of the legislation has resulted in gender equality and social justice in the United Kingdom.

The provision of opportunities that favour men than women especially in the political and economic aspects have increased gender gap; therefore, creating social injustice in United Kingdom. In some cases, the women are given equal opportunities with men but their pay is normally low. The gender gap has attracted the attention of many women and their supporters in the United Kingdom; therefore, creating the concept of feminism. During the 1970s, men were given senior positions in their employment while women were considered as messengers and office secretaries. Before the introduction of the gender laws, women were left to perform normal household tasks while men participated in senior activities that majorly affected the political and economic developments in United Kingdom.

Despite the introduction of influential legislation like the Equal Pay Act, many women were still paid less money in various companies as compared to their male counterparts. Also, women were not given their rights in their workplaces because most of the female employees were humiliated by their employers. The humiliation of women was also evident when the female workers were not given leave and related rights. The gender gap also increased in the United Kingdom because most of the government offices were occupied by men. The gender gap was also evident in the education sector since most of the learning institutions were had a large number of male students and compared to females. According to the Equality Act 2017, all organizations are required to provide descriptive and detailed information that reveal the percentage of women and women who benefit from financial bonuses based on their performances before the introduction of legislation, men received frequent promotions in their jobs as compared to women; therefore, widening the gender gap in United Kingdom.

According to research data, it is evident that 75% of the organization in United Kingdom still have many male employees4. Also, 50% of women are paid less amount of money despite their equal job positions with their male counterparts. According to research studies conducted in United Kingdom, women were paid an average of 50% of the wages given to men especially in the professional and manufacturing sectors. Beatrix Campbell and Anna Coote wrote many articles about the nature of distribution time between unpaid and paid work in United Kingdom, and how the changes would result to creation of more equal opportunities for both men and women. The government of United Kingdom has been putting more efforts in the establishment of equality laws to promote social justice and narrow the gender gap.

History of the Gender Gap in the United Kingdom

The concept of feminism started during the First and Second World Wars. The participation of women in important historical occurrences and activities resulted in changes in their roles in most parts of the world. Gender gap started to narrow in United Kingdom after the end of the Second World War. The history of gender gap was determined by various important events that took place in United Kingdom. First, the introduction of contraceptive pills in 1961 contributed to the narrowing of the gender gap because it allowed women to plan their activities. The introduction and use of contraceptive pills in the United Kingdom resulted in sexual liberation for women and increased their participation in political and economic activities. Contraceptive pills also enabled women to further their studies; therefore, improving their skills and qualifications to job opportunities that had been dominated by their male counterparts. The creation of equal opportunities narrowed the problem of the gender gap in the United Kingdom.

Secondly, allowing women to own property narrowed the issue of the gender gap in the United Kingdom. The introduction of the Married Women's Property Act in 1870 also contributed to the narrowing of the gender gap. After the introduction of the legislation, women were seen as legal owners of property and the money they earned from their employment. Also, the legislation allowed married women to own an inherited property; therefore, reducing all forms of intimidation from their male counterparts. The revision of the Married Women's Property Act in 1964 accentuated the desire to narrow the gender gap and promote equality and the United Kingdom. The revision of the legislation extended the rights of women; therefore, allowing them to own the money they earned instead of being owned by their husbands.

The revision of the Act in 1964 allowed women to save half of the money they received from their husbands; therefore, giving them some financial independence. The revised legislation also provided some official recognition that many married women still rely on their husbands for financial support. Thirdly, the legalization of abortion in the United Kingdom in 1967 also narrowed the gender gap and promoted equality. The abortion of complicated pregnancies reduced the mortality rates and saved the lives of women. The legalization of abortion was introduced to promote the well-being of women if the pregnancies are harmful to their mental and physical health.

Importance of the Changes in the Gender Gap

The changes in the gender gap brought a lot of significance in the United Kingdom. The introduction of the Equality Act promoted social justice and narrowed equality4. The changes in the gender gap encompass peripheral issues that affect equality in all aspects of life; therefore, reducing sexual discrimination. The changes also improved the rights of women like maternity leave and reduction of the working hours. Most of the organizations in the United Kingdom refused to reduce the working hours for their employees; therefore, the introduction of the gender gap changes helped in promoting employees' welfare. Also, the changes in the gender gap made it easy for the tribunals in United Kingdom to bring forwards the claims made by the feminists and humanitarians in the respective levels. The changes are essential in understanding the loopholes involved in the establishment of gender equality laws and policies the United Kingdom.

The changes in the gender gap were brought into place to help curtail inequalities in pay. Before the introduction of the gender gap changes, it was asserted that unequal pay was a common issue in United Kingdom. During the establishment of industries, women were paid less as compared to men. Also, women were seen as inferior in the workplaces due to their physical abilities; therefore, necessitating for the introduction of gender gap changes in United Kingdom. Before the mechanization period, women were also seen as inferior because they stayed at home while the men earned from casual operations. The gender gap changes are important because they reduced financial disparities between men and women in United Kingdom. The changes in the gender gap are beneficial because they ensure that women get equal opportunities with men; therefore, reducing financial dependence in United Kingdom. Providing equal pay to all employees in an organization reduces conflicts and promotes unity and collaboration.

The desire to achieve gender equality in the country involves the identification of appropriate interventions to be used in reducing and emanating sexual discrimination. Before the introduction of the gender gap changes, women were handling regular jobs in addition to child-rearing; therefore, the desire to achieve equality and social justice promoted the rights and privileges of female employees in the United Kingdom. Besides women performing normal tasks at their homes, they were also required to participate in industrial activities in cases of a scarcity of male workers. The ability of women to perform both simple and heavy tasks resulted in the desire to achieve equality and the narrow gender gap in the United Kingdom. The participation of women in the First and Second World War was also important in changing the beliefs of people on the roles and capabilities of females in the world.

The changes in the gender gap were also important in achieving economic, social, and political development in United Kingdom. The changes also shaped the future of most women in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world; therefore, promoting feminism concepts. The Equal Pay Act was established to address the needs of women and organizations that breached had breached the important ethical code. The changes are also essential in promoting feminism values in the United Kingdom; therefore, ensuring improved lifestyles for all people regardless of their sexual orientation.

Gender Gap Acts and Legal Aspects in the United Kingdom

In response to the wide gender gap, the government of United Kingdom has established various legislations to promote equality and social justice. The implemented legislations are desired to reduce and prevent gender discrimination in United Kingdom. The gender gap Acts are both personal and institutional to ensure effective performance and promote equality especially concerning the political and economic aspects of life.

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