Essay Sample on The Challenges Faced by Personnel from Cuba

Published: 2023-09-19
Essay Sample on The Challenges Faced by Personnel from Cuba
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The growing process in gradual steps is not a walkover task for many kids, more so the girlchild because of the harsh society and the dehumanizing, ignoring life of violence encompassing a young age. Taking into consideration the numerous challenges faced by the female gender and the complaints that arise as they grow, it is worth addressing.

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Furthermore, rape case engulfing young children more intense to the girlchild is so inhuman that talking about it will not end today but a futuristic better life of gender balance. The core reason for this essay is to analyze and scrutinize the challenges faced by personnel from Cuba in addressing it. Author by Obejas and the action to be taken for compromising the challenges.

Work Thesis

Women in society have been underrated and have been struggling with discrimination. Moreover, to the inclusivity of marginalization in the current community to the extent of sexual assault (Ward, 2019). In all spheres of age, the female gender has been discriminates against in society (Lee, 2000). For many decades, most social abnormality and sexual assault violations have dynamically marginalized the dominant family story with completely lacking and strove on the brutal punishment on the elements queer.

Narrowing down to the narrative in consideration of subversive actions and the anti-imperialistic that occurs in silence among the family peculiar (Ward, 2019). The main character is a radical, vigorous female gender who not only expose his political strength but also the sexual relationship beyond the domination within the family affairs.

Despite vast and robust cultural proscription that actively discrimination women, the lady stand firm against it. Obejas juxtapose the pictorial national identification of the ancestral being exile on the force of recognition scrutiny of queer and operation being part of the necessary family recognition model within the public building (Lee, 2000). An average human being has to look keenly on specific personal issues taming other people from inclusivity to have apparent dominant alignments, hierarchies, with whether male control or political and heterosexist. (Lee, 2000). The violence expression is objectively designing to uphold the status quo and straight conservation of the states in areal life being widespread directly affecting the Obejas scenario.

Scrutiny and over the reasons for non-learner situations of story growth, the abrupt difference between tradition and the continuous revolution is never noticeable in the gender violation (Ward, 2019). Close information discloses the element of queering that shifts through the whole family history, the evolution existence of sand of grains that annoys, and in conclusion, to allow new formal pearl.

The general maturation, sexual awakening, and emotional and gradual intellectual among young life violations and the girl child being forced to the walls need to awaken their potential (Lee, 2000). The political and economic rise of female gender in intermingling pictorial, critical moments of the challenging situation with the development of sexual identity, and individual family motivation.


The narrative gets rooted in our nerves in the neglected and marginalized group of personnel in the society. The freedom and acquisition of entitlements of privileges to rights like male gender, expression, and communication rights. Memories and fiction compromise the voice of such a group of people in society among individuals. The source of the documentation supports the working thesis duly elaborating sour realization of revolution, and the period when the young generation unlock their potential experiences, how they maneuver to they are, and shy some personnel dislikes them.


Lee, J. (2000). Imagining the Nation: Asian American literature and cultural consent. American Literature, 72(3), 658-659.

Ward, M. (2019). Seeking rights from the left: gender. Gender & Society, 33(6), 993-995.

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