Business Admire - Business Essay Example for Your Inspiration

Published: 2022-03-29
Business Admire - Business Essay Example for Your Inspiration
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In today's world, nothing is important to a business owner or a salesperson than to build admiration, trust, respect, and prospect. Admiration could be developed through building trust. It is also based on accomplishment and this accomplishment takes time.(Park, MacInnis, and Eisingerich, 2017) Brand admiration brings about concepts in positioning in a brand relationship, brand love, brand trust and brand marketing. It is developed through attracting the attention of the customer, energy supply in order to overcome barriers and in providing focus. (Coleman, 2018) Stated that admiration brings about branding thus fostering the three key feelings of admiration that includes, enticement through providing of cognitive stimulation and sensory experience that is heartwarming. Secondly, enablement that is achieved through delivering experiences that are emotional which provides and fosters pleasure and empowerment feeling. Lastly, is enrichment through providing pleasures that are intangible and fostering inspiration feelings.

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More people are discovering home baking pleasure with a large number turning their hobbies into a flourishing business, However, according to shoppers insight company and market research, baking products sales have risen steadily by 62% since the year 2007. The research suggests that the trend is due to the fact that families are becoming keen on cooking for themselves but also due to celebrity bakers in the bakery competitions on the television. I had always had a passion for baking and since I was young I was involved in preparing pastries for breakfast. However, this passion has developed my admiration for a bakery business. Baking gives one inspiration, knowledge, and motivation that helps one grow a business from one's sweet art. I admire Bakery enterprise because it is easy to expand and one can develop a customer base that is consistency. One of the advantages of this business is that there is product control where I can control the product and the amount of produce. There is the option of a variety of products examples pastries, cakes, pies, and brownies. There is control in either focusing on a certain product line or specialize in a certain product. Bakery business has a sustainable market because people have to eat and a lot of people will spend their money for fresh products or baked products. The other reason why I admire bakery business is that it offers great creativity. One can experiment and come up with their own recipe.The other reason is that it has the potential for expansion by increasing number of the product that is produced.In the expansion, there is a need for sales monitoring and price consideration is critical in expansion determination.

Business environment change has forced hotel and hospitality entrepreneurs to consider the development of their own enterprises. Change in consumer taste, needs, and wants are however changing and there are a new emerging pattern. Business development is important in hospitality business because of the existing competition. Lastly, there are easily defined roles of an employee. The bakery has to structured in a way that every employee has a defined position. The advantages of this type of structure with a defined role are that there is minimal supervision as every employee know their responsibilities.

Every business should seek to inspire and excite people and have a sense of motivating of creating a similar product. However, businesses should cultivate customer relationship, employees, and partners who are rooted in respect, love, and most important trust. It is important for any hospitality business to offer a unique product. Regarding the fact that there may be market opportunities which meet the wants and needs of a specialized market segment. in order for the hospitality enterprise to satisfy attract its customers, it has to satisfy their wants and needs. It is also important for the enterprise to make adaptation to its service or product offering in order to generate added value to the customer.(Hassanien, 2015)

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