Contemporary Society in Application Essay Example

Published: 2019-05-27
Contemporary Society in Application Essay Example
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All through my studies, I have come to appreciate that accounting is not only the pillar of a successful business but also the foundation of contemporary society. This understanding has given me a further reinforcement of my interest in accounting and conviction that becoming a professional accountant will help me to understand the world better. I am confident that pursuing accounting as my masters degree will enable me to understand comprehensively concepts such as depression, recessions, government budgeting and economic crises. It is also my expectations that masters in accountancy will equip me to become a role player and to participate in decision-making processes that affect the country. Working with other professionals to solve critical issues facing the government accounting such as economic crises will give me the satisfaction that I have always yearned for and which I believed accounting will quench.

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While I was working at my part-time job as a tutor, I could always visit the institutional accountant once in a while. It is during these times that I learned about this university as she requested me to do an investigation about it and the business courses that the university offers. I have come to realize that the university is one of the best in offering courses in business specifically accounting. I also learned extra skills such as communication skills that will enhance my profession in accounting at the University. I learned to be open because I would always share with her my passion, ambitions and targets. Little did I know that I was exercising accounting principles; integrity and honesty that are must-have features for any accountant.

Alongside my exemplary grades and passion for accounting, I have always loved to play chess and double entry monopoly game. I find the double entry monopoly game working in line with the double entry accounting principles. It also relates to accounting equations, and I find it very useful to play. It always reminds me that I am an accountant. Chess has also been very helpful in my journey towards becoming a professional accountant. It helps me to learn to plan, concentrate and be observant of details. It has also taught me to have a lot of patience while playing because it sometimes requires a lot of time. As a graduate student, I will need all these qualities so that I can successfully earn my masters in accounting.

I am confident that my intellectual capability, passion, and positive attitude will help to accomplish my dream, and I will do justice to the masters degree in this university if given an opportunity.

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